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So death happens in games. And people can return from the dead via certain spells. What I am curious about is the role play element of what the ritual looks like. Like we know most spells use diamonds or holy oils of a certain value. But it for that sweet role play.

So I come here to humbly ask what the resurrection rituals for various faiths, religions, ect would looks like? From anyone able to cast raise dead or ressurection. Of the various religions and faiths of this world we play in

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Not sure about a lot of the faiths, but being raised from the dead by Asmodeans likely means the paperwork will be hell.

Oli Ironbar wrote:
Not sure about a lot of the faiths, but being raised from the dead by Asmodeans likely means the paperwork will be hell.

Very true!

I imagine that Cayden's ritual involves beer.

RAW, the rituals can't get too complicated or involve too much equipment, as the casting time for Raise Dead or Resurrection is only 1 minute. So while you might like Torag to need a forge, or Norgorber to need a murder to substitute for the death, or Gozreh to need the body to be exposed to the weather, it's not happening.

But that aside:
* Calistria will expect a) sex afterwards and/or b) revenge on whatever killed the victim. Not sure about the trickery.
* Zon-Kuthon expects a lot of pain. The poor sod getting raised might not appreciate it.
* Asmodeus. Paperwork as above will probably involve a contract for something unwelcome.

I like these ideas. I tend to draw it out a little longer than the spell says it takes to cast. The caster has to set up for however they perform their version of the spell. Location picked, body prepared, and necessary items gathered. Admittedly, I use something similar to the resurrection rules that are used in Critical Role. I like it being more than just a monetary cost. My players and I are heavy roleplayers so this adds an extra element of roleplay for us.

The short explanation of what that means is the people get to participate in the resurrection ritual along with the caster. They each get to do something to plead for the soul to get returned. One person used cure spells, another just pleaded with the dead, ect. I pick a roll they can make depending on what they do. And that gives bonuses or penalties. Then i roll. Each person starts with a DC 10 and each death increases that by +1

Was thinking for Abadar there would be coins places on the eyes and mouth. Maybe whatever trade tools the dead used could be set next to them. Like for an adventurer it would be their weapons, spell book, or whatever they used. and maybe a scale is used and that where the diamond goes as a way to measure the soul.

Cayden's might be similar to an Irish Wake. With drink and food. Stories are told about the dead person while people laugh and cry cause death ducks

I read about someone who had the body buried in fertile soil and was buried. The ground was watered and the diamonds or oils used were mixed into the soil. Then if the person crawled out they were reborn and if not they were returned to the ground.

I don't tink that is the case because of You read pharasma in god of golarion, she see the future to the soul who is goin to resurect and put theme aside so they don't recibe justment.

You say that abadar Will be coins in eye and mouth, but that is greek tradition to pay charion

My idea is resurection have none/see especial, material.

None: You resurrect the body but there is a chance that the body soul is another creature soul (like a demon)

Especial material: an item that the creature always use in life si it's work like a beacon for the soul to find her body and resurrection work normaly

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