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Do the beams require ranged touch rolls to hit? I always assumed so, although I just read through the text and it doesn't explicitly say anywhere.

No, it's an area of affect spell, not a ray spell. It doesn't even have a target section.

Every creature in the area takes damage, no attakc roll, but saving throw halfs the damage and negates the blindness. The saving throw is also an indicator there's no attack roll, as spells don't usually have two different was to negate their effects, unless that's warranted by an exceptionally powerful effect, like Phantom Killer.

Sunbeam is a 60 ft. line that damages all creatures in squares it passes through. The core rule book has an illustration showing what can be done with a line.

There are many exceptions, but typically spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities don't have both an attack and a saving throw.

I love the sunbeam often use it in the game!

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Aasimar with Heavenly Radiance rips open their shirt, buttons flying, to expose a Superman "S"... the "S" is for SUNBEAM... and a 60' line of sunshine blasts out.

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