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For targets that are both dying and bleeding, Administer First Aid requires you to choose 1 effect before the roll. Then it says you can Administer First Aid again for the other effect. Is this a subordinate activity already factored into the two actions spent on the first Administer First Aid, or is it just saying that a second Administer First Aid can later be used to get rid of the other effect?

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I have always read that as meaning that you can use the action Administer First Aid again later without any problems, but for this action of Administer First Aid you can only do one of the effects. No subordinate action involved.

second aid may be used later, so you have to decide which is the more pressing concern... and remember that if the bleed drops them back into dying, their wound is going to keep going up!

Yep you need to 1 first aid check to heal bleed if success in another round (because first aid is 2-action) use it again to heal dying. Heal dying first will probably increase your dying state again when the persistent damage applies.

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