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I've been working with a group of new players who are struggling with the BB rules, but are still interested in playing more stories set in Golarion.

I'd like to play some extremely short adventures (scenarios, bounties, quests) that will help them become familiar with the Pathfinder Society (but not necessarily organized play).

They like the idea of PFS being like an Edwardian Explorer's Club, but not so much as militaristic endeavor. So groups of competitors yes, but not necessarily enduring evil organizations as opponents.

Which published material would help them engage with the Society in-world, on these terms? I'm hoping for material for Level 1-4 characters.

I have the LO: Pathfinder Society Guide, but that's way over their heads in terms of useability. I'm willing* to go back to PF1 and re-stat the traps/monsters/puzzles if there's something useful in the earlier publications.

Thanks for any suggestions!

*but obviously would prefer not to

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Scenarios in this order:

Intro 1
Intro 2

Then, if you're bold... 3-18

4/5 ***

1-10 Tarnbreaker's Trail.
1-05 Trailblazer's Bounty

Both do a really good job of having the Pathfinders go do wilderness things with competitors rather than evil evil of eviles.

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Thank you!

That first suggestion works beautifully for what I need right now.

And those two wilderness treks are next on the list. I really love environmental challenges.

Silver Crusade 1/5

I will say that you should be careful about doing 1-10 with certain groups. The final fight can end up being pretty deadly.

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Specifically, 1-10 can be deadly if you just run the statblocks at face value. Read the scenario's description of what is happening and why, play the enemies appropriately and not like an optimized warmachine focused on TPK. I recall the scenario thread in GM discussion also having some important points about this adventure - I think the PDF was updated at some point, but it used to have some wonky maths.

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