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Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Apparently, large weapons aren't uncommon - you can just buy more large weapons.

Finding magical weapons during adventures (aside from the basic +1 or striking) is pretty rare anyway, but if you do happen to find one, you can choose either using it (and losing the benefit for having a large weapon) or continuing to use your large weapon instead. However, since you don't get to keep the stuff you find during an adventure but rather must buy the stuff after the scenario, you can just buy large magical weapons when you have reached high enough level and have enough gold.

Since basic +1 and striking weapons depend on runes, not the magical weapon itself, you could just buy the runes at lvl 1 and 4 and slap them on your large weapon.

Rules for items of different sizes states that if a magical item is significantly more than 8 times the price of a mundane version, you get to use the same price without adjustment for a larger version.
Similarly, if you do happen to find a specific magic weapon (which are pretty rare sight in chronicle sheets) it'll almost certainly cost significantly more than the "8 times the price of the mundane version" so you can purchase a large version after the adventure if you want to.

It's just that rarely you may come across a cool weapon during an adventure and not be able to benefit from the large bonus if you decided to use it. Then again, similarly a fighter may come across a cool weapon that isn't part of their chosen weapon group, and will have to choose between expert + cool weapon or master + their own weapon. Or a rogue/Swashbuckler may come across a cool weapon that isn't agile nor finesse and have to choose between sneak attack/Precise strike or using a cool weapon with cool extra powers. Or a regular barbarian may come across a cool weapon that's agile and have to choose between cool weapon + worse rage, or their old weapon + better rage.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Alex clarifies that no, not all scenarios are repeatable, only those that are marked on the product page or PDF are (or those otherwise sanctioned as repeatable for 1e). The green text is a glitch relating to "this can be replayed but it consumes one of your replays."

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Unfortunately, no. Karambit is from the fists of the ruby phoenix adventure path volume and thus, it isn't accessible through the normal means.
Playing through the AP would get you three chronicle sheets (one per book), it is likely (but not guaranteed) that the Karambit would be on one of those chronicle sheets. Getting a chronicle sheet with the item would sidestep the need for World Traveler boon, though, since you automatically have access to items on your chronicle sheet.

Additionally, I think World Traveler boon text may be outdated - it might not list Tian Xia as one of the regions you choose (but this is irrelevant for this particular case anyway).

That being said, the Treasure Vault book will become available in a month, and it'll have weapons in it. It's been speculated that some weapons from adventure paths may get reprinted in it, so there's a chance you may find Karambit there.

Lastly, unless you're a fighter or a human (unconventional weaponry feat), Karambit (or any Advanced weapon) is a poor choice for a weapon, since if you're relying on the weapon proficiency feat it will never grow your proficiency above trained. This means that you will be at a -2 to hit from level 5+ onwards (compared to martial weapons) and it'll only get worse the further you go.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

While there's no official answer, the most common interpretation among GMs in the discord server (as far as I've seen) seems to be that eidolon takes the damage from Heal (because it deals positive damage to undead and the undead eidolon takes damage from positive effects that would damage undead) and it heals the Summoner (because the summoner is alive). Because one is damage and one is healing, you should apply both. If both got damaged or both got healed, you would apply just the higher one, but since they are experiencing a different effect (heal vs dmg), they get both.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

It probably does not work. Wild Shape is not a spell, and Tenacious Shifting specifies it affects spells. In fact, Wild shape isn't even a spell-like-ability, it's a supernatural ability and other things that would affect spells (like dispel magic) don't affect it either.
That being said, as Paul pointed out, it has a 1-hour-increments duration so adding 2 rounds to that seems inconsequential anyway.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

I would have expected the boon to state which options are legal for you and which are not - for example:
Kobolds boon says

"Treat all kobold specific character options in the ARG, ISR, and Kobolds of Golarion as legal except icy mementos, lair snake, lightning blessed, ooze defense, and the spell blightburn weapon and the item blightburn paste."

(but as mentioned in the thread I linked to, another boon about kobolds doesn't say that list).

One of the Campaign Leadership people would probably need to weight in on this, although I don't think Mike Kimmel is supposed to be on that list any more. You can reach Alex Speidel through pfsreportingerrors@paizo.com

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Michael Alford wrote:

I'm quite frustrated with the nerfing of the Optional Flaws rules.


I would have been ok if they had provided a new option. It sucks though to have your existing character harmed by an unnecessary rule change.
It also removes interesting options for MAD characters, and reduces character diversity.

This was answered in the Org Play Online discord already, but as stated in the blog, this doesn't harm existing characters - they keep the ability scores they have (and infact need a rebuild boon if they wish to utilise the new option). Likewise, new characters may use the old flaws as they are in the organized play guide, so no nerfs there either.

As for non-society games, you can always ask your GM if you can use the old flaws system.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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QQinfinity wrote:
Excuse me, but the link at the very top is broken? Is this welcome to pathfinder boon still a thing in 2023?

Technically yes, but it's for the old 1st edition campaign.

2nd edition Pathfinder Society doesn't have a similar "Welcome" boon, but all players get 80 achievement points to start off, which kinda works like a welcome boon - it's enough to save your character from death or to purchase a shiny new uncommon ancestry. You also get more achievement points just for playing and GMing.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

QQinfinity wrote:

【Fulfill one of the three goals above without revealing your faction affiliation to anyone other than a present member of the faction or a prospective NPC recruit. Checking a box for this goal does not prevent you from checking a box for another goal.】

(PS: the "three goals above" are basically all related to recruiting NPCs with diplomacy checks, recovering blackmail/incriminating material for NPCs, dissuade an NPC from an enemy faction, etc. You can find the journal cards in " https://paizo.com/products/btpy9dgw ")

Prospective = Potential. That is, you can reveal your faction to the NPC you're recruiting, because they are the prospective NPC recruit the goal is talking about.

So, no extra hoops to jump through, it's just that you can't reveal your faction to anybody else besides them (and other faction members).

Regarding boons: for first edition society games, they work just like they used to, no changes there.
For Second Edition society games: Some of the earliest (Year 1) scenarios have boons printend on the chronicle sheet. Newer chronicles lead you to the Boon tab in your organized play (My Account -> Organized Play -> last tab in there). You select the character that got the chronicle (or that wants to purchase a specific boon) from the dropdown menu, click to expand the boons menu, and select purchase on the desired boon. Boons can only be applied to the character that played the relevant adventure, but there are boons that you can redeem with Achievement Points, such as uncommon and rare ancestries or archetypes.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

You get one. Either the default, or the school specific one. Sometimes the potion option can be multiple potions, though.

"Pathfinders receive the following healing potions, based on level at the beginning of the adventure. Pathfinders using the schools Additional Character Option as well as characters who rely on Negative Healing have access to different Starting Consumables options and should chose them now if they wish to have them."

Different starting consumables, not "additional" starting consumables.

"Characters with ties to schools also have additional options for their starting consumables. Characters may choose consumables based on their level or any lower level. Field Commissioned Agents do not receive any starting consumables, but receive additional downtime instead."

Have Additional Options. Not additional consumables.

Though, if you pick the default healing option at lvl 3-4, you get two minor healing potions, and generalists tend to have more powerful/plentiful healing options.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Specifically, 1-10 can be deadly if you just run the statblocks at face value. Read the scenario's description of what is happening and why, play the enemies appropriately and not like an optimized warmachine focused on TPK. I recall the scenario thread in GM discussion also having some important points about this adventure - I think the PDF was updated at some point, but it used to have some wonky maths.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Can we get a clarification on access here? Is having the pre-requisite enough? Or does a character need both the pre-requisite and "access" to the other feats?

In addition to Alex's post above, the clarification can also be found on the character options page

"Characters who have gained access to the Fey Influence feat from a Pathfinder Society scenario gain access to the expanded version of this feat printed on page 126. This does not grant access to any additional feats in this section."

So, [if you have access to the Fey influence feat from a scenario] you could retrain the feat/into the feat to access one of the New Options for Fey Influence - I think there's Unicorn, Faun, Cat Sith, Cursed Bluebird - but the rest of the feats are still off-limits.

Strongly recommend checking that page whenever dealing with rare or uncommon options, just to be sure. Nethys isn't always 100% correct, even though they are pretty close.

Dark Archive

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There are plenty of excellent, long awaited faq answers in this errata/clarification! Thank you, excellent work! Really loved the nuanced answer to the "1 vs 2 hands" question!

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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The boon details that you need to

Spoiler for 4-03:
"so long as you pledge to defend the innocent and provide a donation of 650 gp to the church of Tanagaar or otherwise spend it on causes that Tanagaar approves of, such as on purchasing and donating supplies to defend vulnerable settlements from dangerous monsters or funding animal sanctuaries."

That sounds like a cost you need to pay up front, it's just phrased in a way that you don't technically speaking Buy Her, given that she is an intelligent "an independent person with her own goals" - rather, you make a moneytary sacrifice to appease her and she accompanies you afterwards, at least until you do bad stuff and she refuses to accompany you any more.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Blake's Tiger wrote:

I could have sworn there was a price for Guard Dog, but I cannot find it. However, if there is, then that +4 Survival is going to fail to keep up with the level-based challenges very quickly.

Dog has no stats so cannot Track or Perceive. The Bird has no stats so cannot Perform.

This is all just to shed a light on the value of the feats in PFS.

Animals lists the price of guard dog at 2sp, and riding dog at 4gp.

Some of the animals might be handy in Creative Solutions, but yeah, they are mostly just there for the flavor and roleplay.

If you want an animal that can actually consistently help you in skill & combat situations, I'd recommend taking a look at the familiar rules. Familiar Master Archetype has no prerequisites and anyone can get a familiar by using their level 2+ class feat on that archetype (as long as they don't have another archetype with less than 2 feats).
Familiars can get stuff like Accompanist (assists in performance) or Second Opinion (assists in recall knowledge checks) etc, and while their stats and skills aren't as good as actual dedicated characters would have, you can change their abilities daily, making them very flexible for society style play. Like finding yourself in the desert, realising nobody in the party has survival, and deciding to make your familiar skilled in Survival and Desert Lore.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Expanding that answer a bit - Instead of using PFS characters, you play it using beginner box's pregens/characters, and you can level those up in the middle of the game. For both floors that the players complete, they earn 1 chronicle sheet per floor (as per the sanctioning document on the product page: Beginner Box) and both of those chronicle sheets must be applied to a level 1 PFS character. They don't have to be assigned to the same character, though.

(As a sidenote - since it is played in adventure mode, death of the player characters do not have any effect on the PFS characters. The last encounter is... Notoriously difficult, depending on how the GM plays it, but if accident happens and some of the characters die, the PFS characters still get full credit for the floor)

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Amir gets recommended often for new players because people feel that the barbarian playstyle is easy and fun (go in, do lots of damage) but I would recommend using Valeros instead of Amir - Amir gets -2 AC, one from rage and other from clumsy, and due to how combats tend to go, playing amir agressively can lead to situations where a new player sudden charges to the enemies, gets a hit in, and then gets pummeled to the ground, and that's not a very fun experience.

Ezren has lots of skills which are important in 2e, and has ways to highlight the 3-action economy of 2e, especially at level 3+ when they get hand of the apprentice.

I don't have a strong opinion about fumbus (because I'm not that familiar with alchemists) but I suspect there's a good reason why you rarely see them being played.

1st level Harsk is frustrating because your class feat encourages you to use crossbow, but your Hunter's Edge works with two melee weapons and doesn't (usually) work with the crossbow (unless you have marked target on the previous turn, have your crossbow loaded, and spend your whole turn doing a shoot, reload, shoot). They are supposed to be a switch hitter, but they lack the feats (quickdraw) to make the Switching work, making them a poor experience. The higher level version works Okay.

Likewise, Kyra doesn't feel great to play. Their AB sucks with both melee and ranged, but they do have a good to-hit with their focus spell - which they can use once per combat. And their other offensive cantrip is Daze, which is kinda the worst offensive cantrip. Kyra can feel nice to play if you're facing undead (in which case disrupt undead works) or at level 3 when their melee gets the magical +1, or at level 5 when all their attacks kinda catch up a bit. I wouldn't play Kyra nor would I recommend her to any player, but I would recommend using her to fill up a slot if you have just 2 or 3 players, and using her for tanking and healing. It's just that "my main benefit is borrowing a shield from someone, and raising it while flanking" isn't a very interesting game play.

Lem is probably pretty decent. Inspire Courage is a good buff, even if giving +1 to others isn't that exciting. They have good bread-and-butter attack in telekinetic projectile, and they have skills. They have healing, debuffing, and buffing. Very nicely rounded character.

Lini is excellent. Animal companion is good to highlight the strenghts of 3 action combat, they have good cantrips, infinite healing w/ focus points for droogami, and magic fang is absolutely amazing spell at 1st level.

Merisiel is an excellent character for pathfinder scenarios, having damage and skills, as long as one remembers that even if the enemies are flat footed during your first turn (if you got surprise attack), it's not necessarily a good idea to run in and stab them. They'll probably hurt you a lot in return.

Sajan is lacking in skills, but Monks are otherwise generally speaking Excellent in 2e, and Sajan can be a good introduction on how amazing combat can be.

Seelah is amazing with a bit of guidance. Infinite healing while not in combat, good AC with raised shield, champion's reaction and ranged reprisal, and Natural skill to patch up that lack of skills she would otherwise have.

Seoni has very low AC, but makes up for it by otherwise being amazing. Ancestral Memories helps a lot in the skill heavy scenarios that 2e often has, shield can help with the AC and damage mitigation.

Valeros is stellar. High AC with shield, assurance athletics, Skilled heritage and a bit of int to help out with skills, Double slice, reactive shield, AoO, and +2 AB when compared to everyone else. If the party has enough skills already/has very well-rounded characters, I'd pick Valeros to fill in. Heck, I'd probably pick a level 1 valeros over lvl 3 Amir, Fumbus, or Kyra.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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Da'Reen wrote:
The Second Chance boon specifically states the resurrect ritual, this obviously won't work on skeleton characters and the Rejuvenation Token feat is not only level 9 but also uncommon. Will there be a way of restoring destroyed skeleton PCs or are they going to be gone forever?


What are the rules for undead PCs in the Pathfinder Society campaign? wrote:

Undead PCs, such as skeletons, follow the following rules, in addition to all rules from their source material. Please note that these are campaign-specific clarifications and should not be treated as official errata or design clarifications.

- Skeletons and other undead do not use the undead creature traits, instead using the Basic Undead Benefits (Book of the Dead 44).

- Skeletons and other undead do not need to breathe unless otherwise stated.

- Undead PCs cannot be targeted by PC-casted resurrect rituals or similar. We have updated the Second Chance boon to indicate that it can also be used to bring these PCs back to life in their undead state if desired. 

- As per an update to the Guide to Organized Play, undead PCs can obtain an oil of unlife anytime a Pathfinder Society-aligned NPC would give them an equivalent potion of healing. The Character Options have also been updated to allow all PCs to purchase oils of unlife without owning the Advanced Player's Guide.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

The system currently (last I checked) doesn't allow one to purchase multiple copies of the same boon for one character.
However, there are three different bequethal boons (uncommon, rare, unique), so you can purchase at least each of those once for a single character.

What happens if you've already bequethaled an uncommon option and want to bequethal another uncommon option? I don't really see any reason why you couldn't purchase the next one (rare option) since it costs a bit more acp and use it to bequethal a less rare (uncommon) option - you're just paying more acp for transfering something of less value. The boons probably should/ could say "you can transfer an option of rare rarity or lower" or similar.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Paying gold is an option, but it's a bad option. It's not feasible at lower levels, but it does become a possibility at higher levels, especially if you split the cost between the party.

That being said, the real option for bringing back a dead PC is using the Second Chance boon at 40 acp.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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The Kashrishi feat is also locked behind ancestry, not sure what the point there was.
Android is also more easily accessible since it can be bought with 2e or SFS acp. They are literally the exact same feat - why does one ancestry get access to it but other has it restricted?

(if it was limited, I'd assume we'd get access to it through a scenario boon maybe, but restricted? That's usually limited to gamebreaking things like teleportation or dreaming potential or evil deities or things with a lot of GM fiat. This is a standard lvl 1 common ancestry feat, identical to another that already exist. There doesn't seem to be any basis for restricting it.)

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

The condition for the rewards at the end of "Spark of life" seems a bit vague:
"Reward: If the PCs drive the gang away, gabranaya gifts them with a battle lute."
At first I read this as if they need to drive the gang away [with violence] and it seemed weird that diplomatic solution (such as paying the thugs) wouldn't get the reward, but then I noticed that the wording further up at the same page says:
"Regardless of how the PCs make the gang members leave, Gabranaya is extremely grateful"

It seems like the battle flute is rewarded as long as the PCs didn't end up getting beaten up.

A weird observation: The gang members are.... Servers? And dancers? O.o Feels like someone picked up NPCs that could work in a bar and threw them into a bar fight, without realising that the gang actually comes from outside the bar.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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Fatal Aim wrote:
Holding the weapon underarm stably enough to fire is significantly more complicated than just releasing one hand from the weapon, so to switch between the two grips, you must do so with an Interact action rather than Releasing or as part of reloading.

Let's leave the reload out of the question and say you want to drink a potion instead.

How it's supposed to work and how it's currently run in every game I've seen/heard about:
Step 1: Release a hand from Jezail. (free)
Step 2: Grab a potion (1 action)
Step 3: Drink the potion (second action)
Step 4: Re-grap the jezail. It's still in 2-handed grasp and you continue firing it in the 2-handed fatal aim way. (third action)

During step 2 and step 3 you're holding the weapon as if it were a 2-handed weapon, and but since you only have 1 hand on it, you can't shoot it. This is what the fatal aim rules mean: Just because you let go with 1 hand, doesn't mean that the weapon automatically switches to 1-handed shooting grip. If you wanted to use it in 1-handed shooting grip, you needed to spend an extra action to change between the two grips. The rule isn't saying "You have to spend an action to release one hand", the rule is saying "You need to spend an action to change to 1 handed grip".
It also means that if you're holding it in 1-handed grip and you reload it, you can't move it into 2-handed grip as part of that reload: You need to spend an extra action. The point however is that if you're holding it 2-handed and reload it, it stays 2-handed, instead of somehow magically forcing you to spend an actionto switch it into a one-handed grip while you reload.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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That being said, a character that comes online at lvl 10 and is planned to lvl 20 would probably be best played in something like Fists of the Ruby Phoenix AP that starts at 11. Since majority of society content is currently for levels 1-8 with a few scenarios going up to 10 or above, I would recommend planning society characters in a way that makes them work (or be fun to play) starting at level 2 or 3 latest.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

It's also good to remember that even though most of Dark Archives is marked as "PFS Standard" or not specifically limited, a many of the options are uncommon with no access conditions written into them, and thus can't be accessed in PFS.

That being said, Shadow Spy Spell, while it sounds gruesome, isn't an actual bird the character kills. It's a semi-real construct made of blood, soil, and shadow. It also only has a range of 120ft so it's probably pretty useless in context of most society scenarios and unlikely to pop up too often. Of course, these points are only relevant to the shadow spy, there are probably other weird and questionable options in the book too.

We stab and maul people to death all the time - it's best not to go into too much detail of what happens when the bird returns.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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Ye, never heard of Nefreets interpretation within pathfinder society.

It doesn't take an extra action because you aren't switching your grip to a 1-handed shooting position: You're merely releasing your hand from the 2-handed position to reload it, and then re-gripping it. It doesn't automatically pop from your 2-handed grip to a 1-handed grip - you merely aren't wielding it with enough hands to shoot it. Kinda like a greatsword if you let go of one hand: It's still a 2-handed weapon, you just hold it momentarily in 1 hand.

Wielding 2-handed:
During reload, you're now wielding the weapon in a 2-handed grip but you have only 1 hand on the weapon (and thus you can't shoot it in this configuration because swapping to the 1-handed shooting grip takes an extra action).
Reload finishes, you regrip the weapon (in 2-handed position).

What nefreet claims would result in the following:

Wielding 2-handed:
During reload, you let go 1 hand of the weapon. Since you're now wielding it 1 handed, you need to spend an extra interact action to swap it to a 1-handed position.
Reload finishes. You re-grip weapon with your other hand. However, you're wielding the weapon in a 1-handed grip so you need to spend yet another action to correct your grip to 2-handed one.

The latter is clearly not intended, and is too bad to be true. I'm not sure how nefreet got 2 actions for the latter example instead of 3, since switching to 1 handed would cost an extra action and switching to 2 handed would also cost an extra action.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Filtcher's Fork is uncommon because it's a halfling weapon. You can gain access to it by getting the Hafling Weapon Familiarity feat, or by being human and selecting it with the Unconventional Weaponry - because those two feats say that they give you access to it. There are no boons to gain access to the Filcher's Fork.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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The current system isn't ideal, but there are reasons why it is what it is, and it looks like it won't change any time soon. That being said:

1. GM should do both at the same time. This isn't really different from the old system when there were just chronicle sheets (and the reporting didn't matter) and sometimes GM just forgot to send you a chronicle sheet.

Also - It's nearly impossible for GM to select the wrong reputation for you IF you've selected your faction correctly on the web page: Both the info you've given for reporting, and the faction the system automatically pulls for you should be the same. If they are different, it's you giving conflicting information to the GM.

3. you could just name the chronicle sheets yourself as you gain them.

Or mostly disregard them, keeping your own notes in, say, google sheets: You just make a list of games I've played with that character and file the sheets away after I've received them.

4. Yeah this is annoying.

5. Level should be easy to figure out from the amount of gold you gained. But why don't you keep track of this yourself? When the game finishes, ask GM if you gained all treasure bundles/gained full reputation. If the answer is YES, you already know all the details that will be on the sheet, aside from potential item unlocks. You can just write it down for your own bookkeeping.

6. Not really an issue. At worst, you can access a reputation boon a few games earlier than you should be.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

Yes! Not long ago, there was an 80 AcP grant for all current and new players! It helps in bringing back your character in case of an untimely death (I think resurrection boon was 40acp?) or it can help you start out with a cool uncommon ancestry (most of those cost 80 acp) or some other fancy things.

That being said, levels 1-2 are the most dangerous ones in society scenarios, especially the early scenarios, since some of the (solo boss) combats are a bit overtuned: I would advice one not to purchase an uncommon ancestry until you have 40 extra acp saved up for a resurrection - or purchasing and applying it when your character gets to 12 xp, since you can freely rebuild your PC until your first game at level 2, which means you can go with a safe free option such as human for the first level, and become a ysoki or something when you reach level 2 and death is much less likely.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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As to the Best Gun for Sniper - Jezail is one of my favorite guns in the book, but "which gun to use" is mostly about picking the trade-off you want.

Arquebus is probably one of the most powerful options - 150ft range, 1d8 dmg with fatal trait boosting that to 1d12 + an extra die of damage on a critical hit, and kickback gives it +1 damage. Drawback is that it requires 14 str or deploying a bipod or tripod or similar or else it takes -2 to hit. Also weights a bit more than other options at 2 bulk, although that's probably not a huge problem if you have 14 str.

Blunderbuss offers a large "splash" area with the scatter 10ft trait, but has just 40ft range and isn't fatal.

Double Barreled Musket can be fired twice before requiring reload, but has less range (60ft), and smaller damage (1d6, fatal d10) but You can fire both barrels to get it to deal the same damage if need be. Both barrels need to be reloaded separately, though.

Harmona Gun lacks the fatal trait, but has 150ft range and 1d10 dmg and kickback - it deals a slightly more damage than arquebus on a normal hit, but less damage on a crit.

Jezail has a bit less range - but 90ft is still more than plenty - and lacks the kickback trait (so doesn't require 14str, but also does not get +1 dmg), but it has the same 1d8 dmg and fatal d12 as Arquebus when wielded in 2 hands. It can also be wielded in 1 hand when it loses the fatal trait. My favorite.

Those are some of the options a sniper might consider, and then there's also some ancestry weapons.

Dark Archive 4/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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Hi, and welcome!

The access rules can be quite overwhelming at first, and they take some time to get used to. A quick rule of thumb when using Archives of Nethys to search for stuff is the following:
If an item is both Common and marked as "PFS Standard", you can readily use it.
If it's PFS Limited or PFS Restricted, you can't use it unless you have aboon that specifically says you get access to it.

If it's PFS Standard BUT it's uncommon (or Rare), check if the thing has any access conditions: if it has an access condition and you can meet that access condition, you have access and can thus use it.
That's the short version.

Guns and Gears is one of the more complicated books in terms of Access. The exact rules are here:
Character options

Details are important, but generally speaking: Everybody can play a gunslinger (or inventor), and gunslingers have access to nearly all firearms. Ancestral firearms such as goblin guns or the dwarven clan pistol require that you have both access to firearms and you have the relevant ancestry weaponry feat from that ancestry.

So, if you want to be a gunslinger, go ahead! No special hoops you need to jump through. If you want to use guns but you're NOT a gunslinger, you need to be either from a specific region (details in that character options page) or you need purchase a boon (with achievement points that you get from playing, +80 you get from just signing up) that gives you access to some gun.

Some archetypes or weapons may not be available without being from specific regions, details are again on the character options page, under the guns and gears options.

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Since Deathless Acolytes have Denounce Heretic that can target anyone who follows a deity different than them, and for the boss it's "anyone who doesn't follow the whispering way", we can deduce that whispering way is his target of worship.

Although, Whispering way is listed as "no alignment" but since the follower alignments are LE, NE, and CE, evil damage seems most appropriate.

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A relatively common opinion online seems to be that you apply both healing and damage, since both summoner an the eidolon get hit by separate effects (one is hit with damage, one is hit with healing), which is different than if both got hit by the same effect (such as healing when both are alive).

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Andrew 58 wrote:
Blake's Tiger wrote:

As I understand what Alex quoted:

You gain access to specific firearms for being from Alkenstar (Home Region: Impossible Lands), but not to racial firearms without the Weapon Familiarity feat.

Just being a Goblin is insufficient, just as as being a Goblin is insufficient to gain access to a Horse Chopper.

That said, the Unofficial Guide lists Big Boom Gun on the "Beast Gun" 20 ACP boon, so that may solve your problem and save you an Ancestry Feat.

Thank you so much for pointing me to this boon. Now it doesn't suck at all. Thanks again, Andrew.

According to the FAQ it's not in the Beastgun boon, but rather in the "Avid Collector - Cobbled Firearms" boon.

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How did you acquire the Blindheim?

You can use downtime to interact with an animal to bond with the animal, but the animal does not appear from thin air - you still need to acquire the animal somehow. You could use this feat to bond with an animal that you've purchased, or if a scenario lasts really long in "ingame days", a GM might allow you to bond with an animal you've encountered during that scenario, but as normal for anything acquired during an adventure/scenario, it goes *poof* at the end of the scenario and does not follow you to the next one.

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Does the Skeleton Boon answer the question "can you heal undead with Soothe?"

Soothe says it targets a LIVING creature, but book of the dead gives it as an example for healing undead creatures. Since this is an easy issue to houserule in a home game, but absolutely character breaking problem of table variation in Society games, is there any chance we could get a society rule, or at least a recommendation, for this?

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They are both found in the same place - under My Account -> Organized Play -> Boons -> "Rewards purchaseable with Chronicle Boons - PFS(2ed) (click to expand)", ctrl+F for "abomination vaults" and download it for your character.

the boon description says that it gives access to "certain spells" from the 2nd book. That book only has 2 spells so it probably gives access to them both. They are pretty useless against an NPC though, not really spells for a PC would have a use for in society campaign.

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Can you maybe rephrase or clarify your question?

Your original question was

What happens if you take the “Mixed Scales” feat from “Kobolds of Golarian”, as a Green Kobold, and used it to become a Black Kobold?

with the note that you don't meet the prerequisites, to which the correct answer is that you can't take it.

If you plan to take Draconic Aspect, that feat gives you resistance 5 to Acid (per green scaled kobold) and if you Then take Mixed Scales feat, you get to "Choose an additional color for your Draconic Aspect feat" and gain "the benefits of both this color and the color you originally chose." Since you plan to choose Black, you'll gain Resist 5 Acid... Again. Resistances don't stack, so this has 0 benefits for you.

You don't get the +1 natural armor because you don't meet the requirements for the special part of Draconic Aspect

Special: If you have the dragon-scaled racial trait, your scale color does not change and you gain a +1 natural armor bonus instead.

Nothing in either of the feats refers to being able to use Black Kobold Exclusive Traits, the only benefits they give are: Resistance to an energy based on color, and "pick another color to get another resistance" and " If you gain abilities that rely on scale color, choose which color gains the benefits" - the last bit would affect, for example, Draconic Breath feat which would let you choose between 30ft line of acid or 15ft cone of acid when you select the feat, but I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about since " Black Kobold-exclusive traits (thanks to “Extra Traits”)," sounds like something completely different, and I'm not sure what you mean by it.

If you mean the "additional traits" feat, that refers to the "background" traits and not racial traits such as dracon scaled... It might allow you to pick one of the black-scaled kobold related race traits - but I'm not entirely sure if those count as "abilities" as the feat is clearly meant for breath weapons etc - (Bog Scamp, Ooze Defense, Sneaky Swimmer - and Ooze defense is questionable since it only triggers at the start of your characters career and Alkali Flasks are 15gp a piece. By the time you're level 5 and have spent 3 feats on these it's not worth it) but I would advice against spending 3 feats just to get 1 race related trait when you could have been a black scaled kobold to begin with for all the same benefits. Also note that you can have just 1 race trait so you can't have a green scale related race trait and a black scale related race trait (nor can you have 2 traits from either colors), not even with additional traits.


I'm not even sure if it's necessary to jump through these 3 feat hoops to gain black-scaled related race traits, since the book says:

Though some traits are common to all kobolds, the following race traits are particular to kobolds of certain colors. Note that kobolds born from two differently colored parents are colored like one parent or the other, rather than a mix of the two. Kobolds characters are not restricted from taking traits from another color, though the following traits are typical of each color, and considered prestigious.

Which very much sounds like you could have taken bog scamp or sneaky swimmer at character creation instead of spending 3 feats to get one of them.

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Any PFS players interested in the following backgrounds?


Emailed about the Blakros Scion.

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Thanks, although that list is directly from Org Play Online discord server and the credit goes to Redeux, and I think Steven M compiled a lot of it.

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Nearly correct:

Lastwall Sentry dedication is a 2nd level feat.
Nielsen is correct that in order to access it you need to select Eye of the Dread as your home region, or purchase the second home region boon (if it still exists - it's a thing that used to exist at some point, but I'm not sure about it's current existence). This gives you Access to the archetype.

However, lastwall sentry Also has a prerequisite!
Prerequisites: member of the Knights of Lastwall; Shield Block
So you can freely choose one home region for your character to gain access, but just like with regular feats, you also need to fulfil the prerequisite, in this case it requires Shield Block and membership in the knights of the lastwall. This membership is achieved through the Secondary Initiation boon NielsenE mentioned.

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I didn't notice a "boss" or necromancer in the higher level table either, just some

Aspis guys

Specifically, I don't think the choice in the second part of the pallid series

when you get asked which way should the pathfinders go
affected the multitable special - at least it didn't really feel like that, and what happened in the MTS didn't really match with either of the descriptions from 3-10.

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Do note that it costs 0 ACP to buy.

That being said, the expanded summoning is at this time basically useless in Society Games because

it allows you to summon two different level 8 creatures with the Summon Entity spell, but as there's only a single society game that's for level 12 characters and the earliest you could summon a creature 8 would be at level 13, there's no way to benefit from this boon until we get scenarios for levels 11-14.

And that level 7 summon entity spell can also conjure level 9 creatures so, you'd probably want to pick a creature 9 instead of a creature 8. Maybe, I haven't done a comparison between the options.

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The special was pretty fun, the boon on it was absolutely amazing, at least compared to the first multitable special we had (which, at launch, had an empty sheet, and to this day it hasn't been clarified if the boon applies to the ritual or the spell >.<). Closer to awesomeoness of some 1e MTS boons.

I'm a bit disapointed at the charity auction, though. After teasing about undead archetypes possibly making an appearance in charity boons, having just 2 boons for PF2 and both for very limited kinds of characters (witch patron and animal companion, nothing that could fit "most characters") was bit of a let down. I'm happy that others saw them at a more valuable light, determining from the price they got auctioned off at.

Likewise, the key rings and earrings were gorgeous, it's just a shame that they were limited for bidding by those physically attending :(

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Homunculus23 wrote:

Ok, I'm going to be "that guy".

First-level PC wants to craft 4 bottled lightings. Rolls 27 for downtime check. PC is field commissioned and has 12 downtime days.


This says I don't save any $, but that crafting (first row) is 3sp/day and earned income is 2sp/day on a critical. And why would a success save me 1 gp while a crit does not save me anything?

I don't follow.

Because your example is at a point where you're getting less benefit from crit on a crafting than you are getting from a crit on an earn income.

Earn income is rolled at character level -2, minimum 0. Your earn income check should thus be at -1, but the chart only goes to 0, so you're rolling earn income at 0.

Crafting check is made at your level. Your level is 1. Difference between your crafting task level and earn income level is just 1, when normally it's 2.

Checking the earn income chart you can see that task level 0 earns 0.05gp on a check, while task level 1 earns 0.2gp per day. Here's thus a difference of 0.15sp between daily earnings for a normal success on earn income vs crafting.

Crit boosts the earn income check from level 0 to level 1, quadrupling what you make per day (from 0.05 to 0.2), while crit success on crafting bumps your earnings per day from 0.2 to 0.3 - the difference between crit successes is smaller than the difference between regular successes.

The calculater makes a comparison between what you'd make crafting versus what you'd make earning, not between what you'd earn on success vs what you'd earn on a crit. If you check the "balance" column in your example at 12 days, you'll notice that for a crit success your balance is 3,6gp (meaning that you need to spend 3,6gp to finish the crafting (or continue it after the next adventure)) while on a success the balance is 4,4, meaning you need to spend 4,4gp to finish... So a crit success -did- earn you more gp: It earned you 0,8gp more than regular success. It's just that you would have earned just as much gold (2,4gp) on a crit success (8x0.3 = 2,4gp) for crafting as you would have for earn income (12x0.2 = 2,4)... And this only happens at level 1.

Later, crafting will always* be more profitable than earn income, because crafting allows you to roll vs a lower DC (because DC is determined by the item level, which can be very low) while earning more (because earnings per day is based on your level, not item level) while earn income will "always" be more difficult (because DC is based on your level -2) while earning less (because earnings per day is also based on your level -2).

*Assuming you pick at least 2 levels lower level items instead of attempting to craft at level items, in which case the math is a bit more complicated because DC is higher than earn income DC

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I'm not sure if there's a public post about this error, but your Venture officer can confirm this on the VO-discord.

Additionally, guide's Player Basics section explains what the various tags mean:

Repeatable: Players and GMs may receive credit for scenarios with this tag an unlimited number of times, though characters can still only receive credit once for a given scenario.


Current list of repeatable scenarios is:
Tier 1: 2-11, Beginner's Box
Tier 1-2: Intros 1 & 2
Tier 1-4: Q1, Q4, 1-01, 1-06, 1-10, 1-14, 3-01, 4-01
Tier 3-6: Q9, 1-23, 2-06, 3-13
+ All bounties (tiers 1 and tiers 3)

Multi-table specials
2-00 (tiers 1-2, 3-6, & 7-8, once each tier)
3-99 (tiers 1-4, & 5-8, once each tier)
3-98 (tiers 1-4, & 3-6, can be played twice & each playthrough can be in any tier)

In addition, scenario 1-05: Trailblazer's Bounty has/had a mistake where the PDF itself has the repeatable tag on the second page. Product page does not have this tag, and the scenario PDF may have gotten updated since then, but at least when it came out the PDF claimed the adventure to be repeatable despite it not being repeatable.

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The amount of items that are only available through playing a specific scenario is really low, though, probably around half a dozen from 3 years of scenarios combined... Adventure Paths have a lot more of those, which is a bit shame at times, like not having access to camels without playing a specific book of a particular AP.

Problem with uncommon items being purchaseable with just spending more gold is that some uncommon things are uncommon because they are... Not common, while some things are uncommon because they may be game/plot breaking and thus their access is limited. It's unfortunate that this same rarity system is used to represent two different kinds of things. For example, there's absolutely 0 reason for Katana to be uncommon, when it could be common with access requirement for being from Tian Xia. Luckily, society FAQ addresses this issue for a lot of different basic weapons.

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Baarogue wrote:
Pirate Rob wrote:
Baarogue wrote:
Thanks. So just to make sure I understand, I need to own, play or gm #166 to buy that weapon for my pfs character?
Not quite. Owning is not required nor helpful.
I should own it to GM it though, right?

From rules perspective, owning the AP isn't strictly speaking required, although it may be difficult to run an adventure an adventure from a book that you don't have, right?

But, for example, if your friend has bought it and wants you to run it for them, that is totally fine: Nothing says you specifically need to own the adventure in order to run or report the game.

(APs/Modules are special in that regard: Paizo doesn't expect players to buy the adventures just to have access to the items/weapons printed in them, so there's no ownership requirement, unlike in other books outside of the Core Assumption (which includes CRB, Lost Omens World Guide, and Bestiary 1. Character options)

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You get to pick one of the items. For healing potions, it's sometimes two potions instead of one, but still, it's just one of the available options. The default option is what you get if you don't specifically choose something else instead.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Wzrd wrote:
Due to the cost of international shipping, I would had of loved to see the ability to subscribe to just the PDFs.
If there was a PDF subscription, would it change your print buying habits?

It wouldn't.

I had subscribed to lost omens line and the AP line and would have subscribed to the rulebooks line if shipping wasn't so expensive. Rising tax and shipping costs forced me to drop the AP line first, and now the Lost Omens line too (although Customer Service not replying to my emails for several months is also one of the reasons for cancelling the lost omens line). (I mean, I asked CS to cancel LO subscription because of problems I had with AP subscription. No responses so far. Email from March is still unanswered.)

Currently, I'll probably buy PDFs of the books I want as they drop, and I'll still be buying hardcover copies of the books I'm more interested in (mostly lost omens line since it's so full of lore and pictures and a lot more nicer to read as a physical product, but also super interesting books like book of the dead and Dark Archives which I bought /will buy from the local game store, even if I already have the PDF(s).

If there was a subscription service for PDFs, especially if it had the perk of dropping the PDF a bit before the street date like it often does for physical subscribers? I would immediately sign up for the AP line, modules, lost omens, and rulebooks. It would save me trouble and effort, it would be convenient, and it would feed my desire to get my hands on the nice cool stuff immediately, preferrably Right Now.

I just can't wait for the Dark Archive!!!

(I just recently picked up the book of the dead physical version, despite having bought the PDF on street date or so).

This, or figure out a way to print and ship your products from within europe?

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