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Unfortunately, you can't take extra hex feat at level 1 if you don't have hex at level 1, because the prerequisite of extra hex feat is having the hex class feature, and you don't get that until level 2. Meaning that you'd need to retrain your first level feat choice as well, and you'd be left with just cackle.

Good news is that if you are retraining a feat at level 4, you can take any feat you qualified for at level 4 - it doesn't need to be a feat you qualified for at level 1. So you could take extra hex feat for misfortune, or evil eye. Problem is that retraining says:

"You may change one feat to another through retraining"

Many consider this to mean that you need to change it to a "different" feat and that Extra Hex (Evil Eye) and Extra Hex (Misfortune) are the same feat (Extra Hex) and not different feats (despite giving different hexes) so you may need to retrain extra hex first into something else, and then back into extra hex.
I don't think that's the intention, though, but you should check with your local VO on how to proceed.

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If it wasn't part of the original plan, I really hope it's added to the guide v2 like the wayfinder is in the PFS guide.

Given how the chronicle gives it for free and implies that basically all starfinders are offered the chance to have it, and that the chronicle still lists it's price as 150 credits, I'd imagine that the intention was that you could buy it for 150 credits.

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My bad!

After re-reading, Jitskan Artificer can only make spellstrikes with Unarmed strikes - it isn't limited to the golem arm!

Gains constructed limb:
She treats attacks with this limb as unarmed strikes that gain all the benefits of the brawler’s unarmed strike class feature.
Gains Limb modification at lvl 1 (and another at level 6) - can improve your constructed limb.
Gains Bonus item creation feat (does not gain these in society)

Jitskan Artificer:
Less spells per level
Golem arm: Unless you take both arms, you can just "not take this" (or rather, replace it with the constructed limb)
"At 1st level, a Jistkan artificer can use his arcane pool to enhance his unarmed strikes as if they were manufactured weapons."
-> This isn't limited to just the golem arm, so works with your constructed arm
Improved unarmed strike -> redundant
Empowered arm: This only affects golem arm, so doesn't give you any benefits
Unarmed Spellstrike (Su): A Jistkan artificer can use spellstrike to deliver spells only when attacking with his unarmed strikes.
-> Works with your constructed arm

Magus arcana: Break spell probably does not work since "can use his arm to disrupt spells"
Flurrying arm: Description says that you can improve your golem arm, but the text says you gain flurry of blows monk class aability, and doesn't restrict it to the arm only

Sharpened arm: Can't apply this to your constructed arm

Shielding arm: Can't apply this to your constructed arm.

In conclusion, it would seem that if you'll end up with IUS twice, can't benefit from the Empowered arm, and can't make use of the Jitskan artificer magus arcana's, and can't use both spell combat and flurry at the same time, but otherwise the two archetypes should work fine. You just... replace your golem arm with the "superior" (extended) constructed arm.

Or at least, that's how I would interpret it. May be subject to table variation.

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I agree, and it would be cool, but the way some of those abilities are written (can only use spellstrike with this golem arm) would suggest that they aren't compatible.

Sorry, ment Vicious Blades, didn't check the name of the 19-20 crit range mod.

If your plan -is not- to use the Extend or Vicious Blades modification, I'd recommend just having both arms replaced. If your plan IS to benefit from increased crit range and/or reach, drop the Jitskan artificer. If you had planned to use flurry and spell combat, drop the Constructed pugilist since that doesn't work anyway. At least, that would be my advice.

Dark Archive **** Venture-Agent, Finland—Turku aka Tomppa

My first impression would be that this isn't possible. Both replace your arm. If you had a Jitskan Golem arm and then took constructed Pugilist, you (could) replace your golem arm with your constructed arm, or if you took constructed pugilist first and then took Jitskan Artificer, you (could) replace your constructed arm with your golem arm.
They are both separate weapons, combining them doesn't seem reasonable and would raise several problems and questions: if your golem arm and constructed arm were one and the same, how much does it cost to build it out of a special material?

" A Jistkan artificer can recreate his golem arm from other materials by spending 1 day and paying an additional +50% of the normal cost of the special material used in the creation of this new golem arm. "
"The constructed pugilist can improve her constructed limb as if it were a normal melee weapon. For the purpose of rebuilding the limb as a masterwork weapon, rebuilding the limb out of a special material, or adding certain magical special abilities to it, the limb counts as a one-handed melee weapon that costs 60 gp and weighs 6 pounds"

Jitskan Artificer can only use his golem arm to make spell strikes, so you can't make spell strikes with the constructed arm.
Brawler gains flurry, but you can't combine Flurry and Spell combat - both require full round actions.

If you had both your arms replaced (one with Golem and one with Constructed) you could benefit from the Constructed arm giving, say, +2 ac with the shielded modification, but I assume your goal with the multiclass would be to either gain the improved crit range from having a piercing modification or reach from extended limb modification - you could use those benefits with a regular magus, I think, but since Jitskan limits your spell strike to your golem arm, I don't think you can take advantage of the modifications of your constructed limb.

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It's also good to keep in mind that while the adamantine weapon is always available, and the +1 adamantine weapon is also always available, the +1 adamantine transformative weapon isn't, and you'll need enough fame to buy it.

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Tommi Ketonen wrote:
Lau Bannenberg wrote:


Note that the proposal is now tuned to say that the same VC can't evaluate you more than once in a weekend. That means the VC could evaluate you again next month. That should help for places like Australia where the distances between VCs are extreme.

This would resolve my concerns regarding the VC limit, but I don't think this is what Tonya's post at the beginning of the thread says. Where is this stated?

It's a bit buried in the text.

To keep this from being onerous for our less-populous areas, a GM may complete all three evaluations in one weekend, though no more than one evaluation per person may be done by any one Venture-Captain.

To me, that seems to say that the same VC can not complete more than one evaluation. It doesn't seem to suggest that this restriction would only apply if you try to complete all three games during the same con. If that is the intention, the wording could be clearer I think.

(I thought the purpose of that sentence was to make clear that you can get all your evaluations by three different people, during the same convention, instead of having to arrange three separate occasions for evaluations. I don't think it's purpose was that you only need three different VC's if you do all evaluations on the same weekend. I could be mistaken, though?)

Tineke Bolleman wrote:

Id love to come over and do some evaluations when the time comes.

Whoa! Thank you! I'll take you up on that offer if/when the time comes ^_^

Our lodge doesn't really do PFS2/SFS, yet. Even though I use our lodge as an example, I'm sure there are others that share a similar situation.

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:


Note that the proposal is now tuned to say that the same VC can't evaluate you more than once in a weekend. That means the VC could evaluate you again next month. That should help for places like Australia where the distances between VCs are extreme.

This would resolve my concerns regarding the VC limit, but I don't think this is what Tonya's post at the beginning of the thread says. Where is this stated?

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Blake's Tiger wrote:
Oh, wait... that also means that I haven't run 10 MTS, which have been a requirement forever, either. I'd best not get my cart before the horse.

I want to point out that even if SFS doesn't have them -yet-, I think it's likely that they'll get their own 4* specials too (Like PFS currently has - you can get to 10 specials run without running a single MTS).

EDIT: I left off my point. I'm not saying it should or should not be so, but it might be that 5-glyphs are not for everyone, no matter how many PFS(2) scenarios you buy and run.

It might be that 5-glyphs aren't for *everyone*, but it should be that 5-glyphs are for *everyone who has run the required amount of scenarios and specials and meets the qualitative requirements, regardless of the VC population in their surrounding area.*

As a personal example, our town has a VL and a VA. Closest VC is about 540 miles away. Our city still has well over 20 active players (plus several semi-active ones) and we can sometimes draw couple of players from a few other nearby cities when running a con, and while a special isn't "always" an option, we've run a few with the population we have - it just takes a bit of coordination to ensure we can fill the tables. With the amount of specials PFS is currently offering, getting to 10 is just a matter of time for any GM that's interested in running specials.
This obviously is more of an issue with SFS (currently)(and PFS2 at the beginning) since there's just 2 different specials available. I assume I could run both specials once locally with some effort, and I could quite easily attend cons in the couple other nearby cities to get maybe 4 or 5 specials (assuming I played/GM'd starfinder/PFS2) - getting to 10 specials is, at this moment, nearly impossible because of low amount of specials available, but I'd rather have the discussion about the problematic VC population requirement now when the rubric is new and fresh, rather than later when the specials are more easily achieved.

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I feel like the old system was pretty much an automatic progression. You run games -> 1 star. More games -> 2 stars. Even more games -3 starts. Looots of games ->4 stars. Run some more challenging scenarios (10 specials) and have a VC check that you know what you're doing -> 5th star. While the 5th star isn't "automatic" like the first four, it seemed quite easily achieved (aside from the actual amount of work you need to put into running 150 scenarios).

The 3 VC's makes it significantly harder to accomplish The closest VC lives a 10 hour drive away. Sure, they come to the cons near here, so it's doable, but requires some planning. The next nearest VC is in a whole different country, some 1000km away or so. Getting the second one would probably be online, and for the third one I'd had to fork over some cash and get to a foreign convention. Not to mention that I'd need to run the scenario in english (which isn't my native language) to people that probably aren't native english speakers themselves, since we lack a common language and "comprehend languages" doesn't work IRL.
(As a sidenote, running in English isn't a problem for me, and I'm luckily enough in a position where I might just go and attend a convention abroad, but this Will gate out a lot of people worldwide.)

Not to mention that I probably wouldn't attend a convention in a different country "just for fun" due to time and expenses involved - getting the third evaluation would probably be a big incentive to do so, and I have to say that I'd be pretty disheartened if I'd fail it then.

Considering that the benefits of the 5th star aren't gamebreaking in anyway (at least in PFS: There's exactly one 5star restricted scenario, you get +1 to your t-shirt rerolls, 1 extra replay, and the last boon on the GM rewards sheet (master of scrolls/spells/blades)), I feel like the 5th star was mostly bragging rights, the biggest benefit felt like it's the fact that you can give your local players a chance to play True Dragons of Absalom.

I don't necessarily disagree with the idea of making the bragging rights more exclusive, but I feel that the method to do so is... misguided, when it seems that the biggest osbtacle to the 5th star may be geography or socioeconomical status.

Maybe let the same VC do all 3 evaluations if no other VC's are reasonably available, and if the evaluations are done, say, a month apart / with the VC picking the scenario / With a preset set of scenarios that fit for this purpose / some other option.

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Couple of other scenarios with similar items use explicit language to define the rewards:

An example, with spoilers removed:
"IF at least one player brings a chronicle sheet from *spoiler* and that player has earned the boon *spoiler*, *enemy* gains *special item* at both subtiers. If the PC's defeat *enemy*, players with *boon* earn the *other boon* on their chronicle sheets, which allows them to purchase *item*.

Other than that:

Guide on filling chronicle sheets wrote:

Step 7: Mark any special boons the players did or did not earn (U) and cross out any treasure items the party didn’t find in the adventure (V);

So if they haven't played the earlier scenario, the enemy isn't equipped with the item, so they can't find it in the adventure, so you should cross it out.

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Well, there's always the Share the Wealth (equipment) and Share the Wealth (companion) boons to help you get access to the items for another of your characters.

That being said, getting your hands to those isn't always easy. For PFS 2, I would love to see unique/special items having an innate Share the Wealth boon - either so that finding, say, a special unique magical staff (not necessarily even intelligent) would open it as an option for all your characters (maybe with a fame/level limit) Or including a line where you may grant One of your other characters access to it, but then can't use it with the PC that originally found it.

I think it would help with the 'chronicle fishing' because there would no longer be a need to fish for specific items with specific PC's.

I agree that part of the apparent problem is probably caused by (or at least, feels like it's caused by) the fact that most of the unique items are really, really niche (and often kinda expensive for what they do).
For example, a certain special sword. It's the most common type of sword, yet PFS has so many character options that the majority of the players don't necessarily even have a character who uses longswords. Even if you happen to have a character who could use it, there's a chance you happen to play that adventure with another character, leading to the need to GM the adventure to get access to it with the sword-using character. Or, even if you do play it with your swordsman, it's a kind of a weak option when compared to what you could otherwise buy and use.
I think this leads to a situation where most characters who end up using said special swords, have been built with the idea that they'll use the special sword. It's just way too unlikely that a "suitable character" happens to play the adventure by chance.

Apparently, some of the newer adventures have options that open up boosting a special item if any of your characters have it, regardless of which of your PC played it - This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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It probably should be, but that's not what the boon says. Also, considering that there's an extra option for boneyard and the text says "cross the other options", it seems likely that there were supposed to be 1 boneyard themed option, one maelstrom themed option, and the option to pick one of those for planar infusion feats.

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ratfolk/aphorite/vishkanya boon
Custom order
Against the grain
Dhampir (regional support, can't be traded again)

Want: catfolk

Dark Archive **** Venture-Agent, Finland—Turku aka Tomppa

New Days, New Choices

Seasoned Archivist (Dark Archive) / Taldan Courtier (Sovereign Court)

I have some other PFS boons too, will list them later when I have more time.

Otha above is looking for New Days, New Choices, so maybe a 3-way trade could also work?

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Vessel of the Boneyard:

You may spend your downtime and 4 PP to travel to the Boneyard or the Maelstrom.
If you do so, you may select one of the following benefits. After using one of these benefits, cross the others
off your Chronicle sheet.

However, neither option mentions anything about Maelstrom.

Spark of the Grave:

You carry your experience in the Boneyard with you always. You gain a +1 bonus on saving
throws against death effects. Additionally, you can check the box that precedes this boon to grant your armor
and all weapons you wield the ghost touch property for 1 minute.

Planar Conduit:

You have infused your body, mind, and soul with the plane’s essence. You gain access to the Planar Infusion, Improved Planar Infusion, and Greater Planar Infusion feats for the Boneyard (Pathfinder RPG Planar Adventures 31) as if the feats appeared on the Additional Resources page.

The text implies that you can pick between Maelstrom and Boneyard, but both options given relate to the Boneyard, and neither has anything to do with Maelstrom.
It seems like Maelstrom's options were left out by accident.

Is there another boon that includes Maelstrom, or is there any chance to get a fixed version?

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Probably not. Don't really see why it was banned in the first place, unless maybe for the Aboleth language, since that's not a legal language for PC's. The AR could have just as well said that Tongue of the Sea is Legal, but PC's can't choose aboleth as a language.

Probably not a huge problem anyway, you can pick up the rest of the languages with a few points in linguistics. Unless you're a int-based spellcaster, you won't be choosing more than one or two extra languages anyway.

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There's a table with the correct rewards in the GM discussion forum (I suggest asking about specific scenarios in there):

(Warning! Includes spoilers for this particular scenario)

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You can have multiple companions (as normal) but you can still only have "one companion creature to be your active pet", and "you may bring up to two additional creatures. The first is a mount or beast of burden, such as a horse or mule, which may only take move actions. The second is a familiar or mundane pet that does not participate in combat or other challenges."
I don't see it being any different from just having multiple companions from multiple classes.

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Not sure what you are asking - as a world wide campaing, you can use the character you are playing at your friends table, take it to a roll20 table to play a couple of games, play another in the forums in play by post, then play one in FantasyGrounds, maybe join a random foreign group for a single session when travelling, and then still play another game with your local PFS group, using the same character(s) all the time.

I'm not an expert in online play (just a couple of PbP's and one roll20 game so far), it didn't seem too difficult to take a character I used in one online format, to another. You don't need to limit yourself on which platforms you play.

Obviously, GM decides the program they want to use, but it doesn't really limit the potential PC selection, I think.

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Furious focus is a great choice. Iron will is a bit boring, but very good.

As a sidenote, if you are using a greataxe, you probably aren't using the claws from the abyssal bloodline. Ask your GM if you can use the bloodline familiar from Familiar Folio to swap out your claws for a cool familiar! Something with +1 AC, +4 initiative, or +2 will saves is probably best, not to mention the +2 perception (and Sense Motive) you get from Alertness.

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Since a player can, and eventually will have, multiple characters, you could ask the group/GM if they'd be willing to play/run a couple of lower level scenarios to get you to level 3. By reducing the gold to 500, you can get to level 2 as you know - it would only take 3 more games after that to get you to level 3, and then you could play your own character with them (in level 3-7 adventures).

Another option is to run a module, or an adventure path book, or one level of the Emerald spire, suitable for level 2 characters. Any one of those could get you 3 xp, lifting you to level 3.

Alternatively, Gallows of Madness is a relatively short "Long" module, that can be run in campaign mode (giving GM bit more freedom when compared to usual PFS play). Running/playing it takes about a day, depending on the group, and for some reason, gives you 4 separate chronicle sheets, each with 3 xp. You could apply them all to your level 2 PC or a fresh new PC to get to level 5, allowing you to catch up with the rest of the players. There are a couple of other modules like that too, I think Dragon's Demand can also get you from level 1 to 4 or 5 when played through completely, and Ire of the Storm also gets you from 1 to 5.

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Likewise, the chronicle is still borked.

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Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
With the latest update to Additional Resources, the spell False Age from Heroes of the Fringe was legalized. The spell says that "your ability scores increase or decrease as appropriate for your chosen age category." How does this interact with the PFS-specific rule on age categories and ability scores?
The Pathfinder Society-specific ruling is a part of the character creation rules. It does not prevent spells and other effects from temporarily applying the ability score adjustments associated with age.

So a middle aged character that casts False Age to appear Adult instead, would lower his mental scores by 1 and raise his physical scores by 1, since that's the adjustment between adulthood and midle age?

... Which means that venerable characters could appear as Old instead, gaining a hefty +3 to str, dex and con, while getting -1 to cha, int and wis. Seems pretty nice for a spell that lasts 10min per level.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #124: City in the Deep wrote:

Alternate Racial Traits: The alternate racial traits in this book are legal for play except tongue of the sea.

Nope, can't take tongue of the sea for aquatic elves because it's not legal at all, not even for normal elves.

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The cheapest and most efficient way is to just dismiss the old one and pay the 200gp per level to get a new one.

Dark Archive **** Venture-Agent, Finland—Turku aka Tomppa

I swap, especially forest maps, to the bigger forest map. I always tell the players when I do, though, and make sure it's okay for them. Then I try to use whatever part represents the actual map most.

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Super nice!

I like the sound of AcP especially!

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Most of the options related to tieflings are under Blood of Fiends

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I've played 1 play by post game so far, and I'm currently GMing my first PbP game in a PbP convention. It feels quite easy when compared to face-to-face games since you can check all the rules with care and don't usually need to make "on the fly" adjudications. GMing 1 game in a convention gets you a con GM race boon. Current boon is one that allows you to make either an aphorite, vishkanyan or ratfolk, but it likely changes very soon.

In any case, just saying that GMing in online conventions is probably the easiest/most flexible way of gaining access to race boons.

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In april/march update it was mentioned that a few members of the team might be able to handle sanctioning stuff, mentioning We Be Heroes and a module. With luck, AP sanctioning might be part of it, but it's probably a bigger task than a module or free rpg day module. The team is certainly catching up on additional resources and sanctioning ^_^ But since there was no mention of the AP sanctioning in the post or the additional resources posts:

John Compton wrote:

We expect the April update to be ready toward the end of the month and include Pathfinder #141 and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Concordance of Rivals.

They might have been pushed to May.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "it does list it along side other items".
The item is listed in bold, separate from the other items, while other items are cursive, listed with a price at which you can buy them. If you play the adventure at low subtier, you get the boon and access to the items on the low subtier list. If you play it on the high subtier, you get the boon, and access to the items on the high subtier And low subtier (unless they replace each other). If it is an item like you'd want, it would be listed in the same place as all other low subtier items.

When you play high tier, you get access to both high and low subtier items unless they specifically replace each other. If you compare this chronicle sheet to other sheets from the same year, you'll notice that they all do it like that.

If you want that ioun stone for your other character, you'll need to either use a boon or a GM star to replay the adventure, or GM it yourself.

Also, the item is not available for purchase at all. It doesn't have a price. IF you look at OP's question and the answer it receveid, this is literally the same situation.

If you have played 4-6 The Green Market Gamble, it's chronicle sheet has a good example on what it would look like if the item was purchaseable.
(There's a boon at bold on the top, tier 5-6 items separate with an unique item listed in cursive, price, and buy limit, then tier 8-9 items with no mention of the unique item Since you already have access to it in the low tier list, and finally the item's stats below those).

Dark Archive **** Venture-Agent, Finland—Turku aka Tomppa

" This second character gains access to purchase all non-intelligent items that the first character earned on that Chronicle sheet, as long as the second character's level is not lower than the minimum level of the Subtier that grants access to the item."

Like the original posters two examples, yours would not qualify either. While the boon represents your character having an access to an item, it's actually a boon and not something you can purchase. Checking the chronicle sheet, it does does Not list it alongside the other items you can purchase - the chronicle lists it separately.

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Different scenarios highlight different things. If you have a new group, but know that they are going to play a couple of scenarios (say, during the course of a month), something like: Fallen fortress (A basic dungeon crawl), throw in some background how the group is recruited into the pathfinders afterwards, followed up by First Steps: In service to the Lore to showcase some of the central NPC's, and finish 1st level with the Confirmation, to create a background for how the characters joined Pathfinders.

My personal favorite, though, is the House of Harmonious Wisdom. Very flavorful and very fun. With good prep, it can draw in players who are new to roleplaying games, but you should put significant focus on the world and descriptions.
It isn't focused on Absalom or pathfinders, though, which may be misleading for now players considering that most scenarios have a different focus/area.

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B. Indefinate duration, no ability score adjustment.
Universal Monster Rules state that it does not adjust ability scores and that it last indefinitely. The "as Beast Shape II" refers to everything else.

... I think even A would be fair, considering that the boon is much rarer than the skinwalkers, and skinwalker as a race is much more flexible and powerful, but that's a personal opinion and not how I think the rules should be interpreted.

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Custom Order
Possibly: Daring Traveler, Tapestry Vanguard (Hao Jin Tapestry), Master Experimenter

Arcane Ammunition,
Sapphire Guardian,
Traveler in an Unstable Timeline
New Days, New Choices
Share the Wealth (Equipment)
2019 GM Boon #1: (Child of Axis: Aphorite, Rodent heritage: Ratfolk, Venom-Blooded: Vishkanya)

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Anyone else think that the map for the jungle encounter (Lin + 3 guards) is really, really awkward? The description says that they PC's come from the bottom of the map, which means they'll spot the O2 guard immediately. party tries to talk to him. I would love to move Lin closer to them to actual talk back to them, but her place is set on the map. There's no "clearing" when the map is viewed in that way, and the NPC's are in an awkward line towards the PC's.

When extracting the image for PbP play, I noticed that in the file, the map is actually horizontal isntead of vertical. This would mean that the PC's would approach from the "mountain", would spot Lin and O3 and 01 over the river, and the clear squares between Lin and the river, and the couple of clear squares between river and the PC's, would actually forma sort of clearing.

Viewed how the map is now, though, makes it really weird, and I have no idea how the combat is supposed to play out. PC's have no reason to move over the birdge since they are just a few squares away from 02, and L can't reach them in a round to attack them.

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Being a bit more specific can result in more useful answers, but:

Here's two good links on getting started!

Guide for PFS Newbies: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n7D4Y_W6jzhVYi2UzJqRArsyb7k6Y_i4Jm_uojD uiII/edit
Guide to Playing Online: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mBGmsC5te1z6Sx2c2SFDglzAegPWFxH6znF6yH9 wCpw/edit

Dark Archive

Just checking in, this was a core run, right?

I'm legally required to inform you that I have both run and played this scenario before. I'll therefore take a more silent approach and let the rest of the party make the decisions on how we proceed.

Is there a preference for a Core Pregen you'd like for the party?

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Spellstoring armor is very, very good, but mostly with just a couple select spells. Namely, Frostbite or Frigid touch, for a no-save fatigue to interrupt a full attack routine from a creature that could otherwise kill you.

About the spellstoring interpretation - I think the (reasonable and logical) way to interpret is, that it literally "stores" the spell, and thus uses your CL and DC, instead of the weapons own. I fully admit that this isn't the only way to interpret it, and the wording "the weapon cast the spell" implies otherwise.
If the interpretation at your local table(s) is the one where the weapon uses your CL and DC, it becomes immensely more powerful, because you can pay for a dispel magic as a spellcasting service, from a high level caster.
As a 3rd level spell, you could pay 600gp to get a caster level 20 dispel magic placed into your weapon, practically ensuring that it will always succeed in the dispel magic check when you need it to. It persists between adventures too, so while the cost (600gp) may sound steep at lower levels, you'll know that when you need it, it will work.

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You should probably get spellstoring instead, because the bonus is relatively small, while spellstoring offers greater variety.
Spellstoring by itself is a pretty fun thing, and I often consider it for my characters (but since most of them lack serious spellcasting capabilities, I rarely do).

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It's also worth noting that the starting position for the Mwgwa is set, as is Stuinvolk's position. It shouldn't have a straight chargeline to Stuinvolk, unless somehow all the PC's are out of the way, which is unlikely considering that the beast starts from one side, and the Stuinvolk is on the other side, of the map.

I've ran this twice, and on both times, I asked players to set themselves up on the campsite (I used campsite maps on every night, even on those the beast does not attack in, to keep the players on their toes and guessing about on which night something happens). There was always someone between the beast and stuinvolk.

I do admit that the other run ended in TPK, but that was mainly because it was a 3 man party + a pregen Warpriest, and the Warpriest died on the first encounter with the Mwngwa to an unlucky crit + bleeding out before anyone could save him, so the party was 3 PC's + stuinvolk, on high tier. The 4 player adjustment is nonsense, and doesn't actually change the difficulty of the encounter. Still, players (a rogue, a hunter with a large dinosaur companion, and a paladin) managed to get the beast to down to 2 hp before missing it a couple crucial times before it wiped them out. Unlucky rolls and the party was less-than optimal.

.... Aaand I even forgot to give it it's rake attacks, still was a TPK.

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I really hope the staff of healing, minor, would get added to the sheet. Or at least if we got a permission to write it's stats on the sheet. Cool and useful staves are so rare and normally so expensive.

I imagine it would probably cost 8800, cl8, 10 charges, 1 charge for cure moderate, 2 charges for lesser restoration.

Would not even take much work (for a GM) to add it to the loot...

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If the player does not want to play in the campaing, why are they at the table in the first place? O.o'

I agree, that pvp is not an answer (and isn't allowed anyway). If a player tries to PvP said character, the correct answer isn't "okay but you lose your character as well" from the table GM, it's "No can do, you can't include the unwilling player in your area of effect/attack".

Escalate to the GM, then to the VA/VL, then to the VC. Point out that the rulebook does say: "Players are responsible for their characters’ actions. “That’s just what my character would do” is not a defense for behaving like a jerk." If the VO can't solve the issue with the player, they should probably be asked not to participate at all (ie. banned).

If you always play at a public store/Cafe/etc, it's probably best to talk about it with the store owner before so that they are aware of the situation. With stores, explaining how the player is driving other players away (thus costing them money in the process) could be a good way to have them help enforce the ban. Otherwise, it can get awkward and annoying if the player starts running around the tables and shouting comments without actually playing, if it goes that far.

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John Compton, Exactly three weeks ago wrote:
That and Return of the Runelords are part of our sanctioning queue, don't worry. We've been knocking out a good number of these projects in the past couple months, so I trust it's coming up soon.

Honestly, I have no idea. War for the Crown's last book came out in... July, I believe, and it was sanctined this month. At the same time they sanctioned Seers of the Drowned City, but that came out back in something like november 2016.

On the other hand, there was a huge backlog of sanctioning content - for example, Blood of the Ancients and Planar Adventures came out in May and June, and sanctioned half a year later in decemeber - but the last sanctioning brought us Faiths of Golarion, just about 2 months after release, so it seems like the team is working hard to catch up on the backlog.

So... I wouldn't be surprised if they are sanctioned in march or April. Probably before the fall, anyway. Or if the team keeps up catching up with the releases, we might get them SOONer. I hope it's sooner.

I really, really hope Compton could give us an ETA, though - My players' characters are just dying to get to play some of the new stuff ^_^

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Our local Lodge received the boons today, safe and sound.
Thank you so much!

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Season Explorer 4-5.
I don't actually know what it does, but my character is going through the worldwound plot currently and it would probably be cool!

Ganzi, Vine Leshy, and probably the RSP and OSP boons soonish, plus some random RSP boons.

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This thread


Should have all the answers.

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Blake's Tiger wrote:

I think that it is important to note, as people haven't mentioned it and it was in the second spoiler, the PC would risk *death* (especially at that level and especially with the sicked condition and potentially more and more as the Wisdom damage acrued) by trying to sell his equipment to replace his jewelry. Or else also pays for multiple lesser restorations after each failed save.

So it's not just, "Oh, he has to sell 4,000 gp worth of equipment to remove the sickened condition."

You're sorta right. It's a not a "oh he hast to sell stuff", it's "oh he gains no gold for one scenario."

Rewards at tier 8-9 are around 5000-5500gp, tier 6-7 would be around 3200 or so (depending on adventure, obviously). It's highly unlikely that he'd need to sell his own equipment to get the gold.

Edit: Ninja'd

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I'm interested in learning what Season Explorer 4-5 does, or if anyone even has one.

Mainly interested because my tiefling is going through season 5 scenarios currently, and has taint of the worldwound boon, and I was hoping that the season explorer 4-5 might have something similar.

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