Cannot Afford Impulses

Kineticist Class

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I have dabbled with designing Kineticists repeatedly and even played some a bit.

How are people fitting in Impulses in any builds that feel good? Besides the starting impulses and the flexible impulses you get for free, they feel *incredibly* heavy to pick for me. I already have such a tight feat budget, and especially for the single-gate needing to buy the later impulses manually feels like a huge strain for me and my options - as in theory I am supposed to be good at this, but getting even half my options locks me out of any multi-classing at all it seems.

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Yeah, the playtest kineticist seems designed to be almost unable to multiclass. Put something about that in the survey because it stands out to me.

Even without that, balancing impulses and feats can be tricky.

i actually talked about this as one of my main issues with the class. everyone talked about damage and action economy, so i spent most of my time talking about how the whole class is far too class-feat dependent

i dunno what the solution is. maybe something like making elemental impulse feats come with 2 impulse actions each can do? and a lot more generic ones that can work with any element? right now it’s crazy hard to build a satisfying caster-kineticist. even if you’re not using your feats for other things

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