Tentacles Exploit Duration???

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Is it unlimited?

Tentacles (Su)
Source Horror Realms pg. 7
Type Exploit of the Outer Rifts

As a swift action, the arcanist can spend 2 points from his arcane pool to sprout a pair of rubbery tentacles that grow from his upper chest. At the same time, his arms shrink into sickly, malformed stubs, capable of only rudimentary actions such as lifting small objects or making somatic gestures. Rings, bracers, and other items worn on the atrophied arms and hands remain in place, but magic items that require hands to activate cannot be used while the arcanist’s arms are in this state. Likewise, the use of weapons or shields is impossible during this time. The arcanist has full control over his hideous tentacles and can use them to deliver touch spells, or as secondary natural weapons that deal tentacle damage as appropriate for a creature of the arcanist’s size (1d4 for Medium arcanists, or 1d3 for Small ones) modified by 1/2 the arcanist’s Strength score. The arcanist’s reach with these tentacles is 5 feet longer than his normal reach.

The Exchange

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Duration is missing.

Like a lot of PF material, an official FAQ/errata was never issued. Pathfinder Society fixed the issue in their Campaign Clarifications document, and set the duration at 1 minute per arcanist level.

I definitely suggest that if anyone ever comes across anything without a clear answer, you check the PFS Campaign Clarifications document. A few of those clarifications are specific to PFS (no crafting, no leadership, etc.) but the vast majority of them are "We got tired of waiting for the people over on the Design Team to get off their duffs and make needed/obvious FAQs and errata, so we did it ourselves."

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Oh thanks!

Yeah I will use that in the future. :)

Liberty's Edge

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Pathfinder Society's solution is valid, but, considering the drawbacks, I don't see a need for a duration.
As a GM I probably would allow the Arcanist to keep the tentacles active without a time limit. But I would implement the drawback and the role-playing effects of that choice.

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the need for duration is also because the way it is right now once you use this exploit you can't get your arms back to how they were before.

so ether go with the one minute per level or the GM need to implement how to cancel this exploit (ether dismiss as dismissing a spell. or what ever action GM think should take to return the arms back and lose the tentacles.)

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