Polymorph into a gargantuan gold dragon?


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Does anyone know of a way to polymorph into a gargantuan gold dragon? I have that mini from the pathfinder battles set and I would like to see it used.

Form of the dragon 3 allows you to turn into a huge gold dragon, and I don't think there is another spell you can add to get 1 size bigger.

Hrm, mythic appearantly doesn't offer anything and I don't see any metamagic about it.

You could negotiate with your GM whether your character can research a homebrewed "Form of the Dragon IV" - which would be a 9th-level spell.

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Have you tried Righteous Might?

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I don't think righteous might stacks with form of the dragon because polymorph spells call out that you cut have other spells up that change your size. Researching form of the dragon 4 with special gm permission seems like the only way.

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