Question about caster level of Spells and over coming a foes SR

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So in the game I'm in a lot of Enemies have SR 31 +
I'm level 11 and need to know if I cast a spell at a Caster level higher than my actual level

Let's say a Battering Blast at Caster level 16

Dose that help with over coming a foes SR or no?

Your caster level is based on the number of level in the spell casting class. If you are an 11th level wizard your caster level is 11. Unless you have some way to boost your caster level you cannot cast the spell at a higher caster level. There are ways to boost your caster level. The most common way to boost your caster level is with magic items. There are some feats and traits that can also boost your caster level, but those are often limited on what they can be used with. Anything that boosts your caster level will help with spell resistance as long as it applies to the spell being cast.

The feats spell penetration and greater spell penetration are the easiest way to help overcome spell resistance. Elves also get a +2 bonus on their caster level to overcome spell resistance, which stacks with spell penetration. A Robe of the Archmagi gives you another +2 bonus to overcome spell resistance. An Orange Prism Ion stone gives you a straight up +1 caster level.

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OP, is your character multi-classed? 11th level characters generally shouldn't be encountering SR 31+ foes routinely, as this is basically immunity to casters.

There are a number of traits that boost your caster level but are still capped by your character level, so they basically help multi-classed characters a bit. For example, my bloodrager 11 / Spriritualist 1 has an the following alternate Half-Elf racial trait:

Multidisciplined wrote:

Source Horror Adventures pg. 39

Born to two races, half-elves have a knack for combining different magical traditions. If a halfelf with this racial trait has spellcasting abilities from at least two different classes, the effects of spells she casts from all her classes are calculated as though her caster level were 1 level higher, to a maximum of her character level. This racial trait replaces multitalented.
Getting the +10 or more caster level boost you need is somewhat unlikely without a huge investment and probably specialization, however. My Aasimar Mythic Oracle used the following tricks in Wrath of the Righteous:Sadly, my specialization in Holy Word turned out to be too effective and I ended up not casting it much as it tended to end the fight with a single word (most foes would be paralyzed even if they made their saving throw)...


  • a) Forgot to mention the Rod of Metamagic, Piercing as a decent option for a +5 to your penetration checks 3 times per day...
  • b) Also, there are a number of Conjuration spells that bypass SR completely. They tend to be a bit sub-par, but an Acid Arrow that actually works is probably a better option than a lot of other spells in this case...

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