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Hi Paizo community !

I'm currently building a 5th level oracle for homebrew campaign. Setting is kinda "Mad Max" theme with god losing power, high level magic users being very rare and whole world being under re-construction. Only one tradition prevails : Nature with druids.

I need advices regarding race, curse and spells (I played a lot of sorcerers but very few divine spellcasters)

A few comments :
1. I will go into combat only as a backup, RP reasons
2. Past own protection, I will focus on supporting team
3. For RP reasons, I want this char to have kinda "dark side" (not evil, "just" dark or strange behaviour)

What I built for now
Abilities : STR 12, CON 14, DEX 10, INT 13, WIS 12, CHA 17 (epic build used, +1 CHA @level 4)

Archetype : Ancient Lorekeeper (which should say elf like for race)

Mystery : Shadow
1) Army of Darkness, Pierce the Shadows (with Extra Revelation if not having racial darkvision)
3) Cloak of Darkness

1) Extra Revelation if needed (see above) or Augment Summonings
3) Heighten Spell (combo with Mount and Alter Summoning)
5) Not chosen, options are : Steadfast Personality, Scion of War, Divine Interference, Healer's Hands (to save spell slots) or a racial feat

What is not built for now
Race :
- with Ancient Lorekeeper, I will probably aim at half-drow (plus good for spells)
- Human is very attractive, as usual, but lack Ancient Lorekeeper for arcane spells
- Fetchling is thematically compliant, dunno if GM will allow

Curse : Lycanthropy, Hellbound ... or should I make no choices, Tongues

Spells : divine lists are wide as there's so much spells to heal teammates that are required (and so few spells...)

Items : will help with missing spells (to heal / remove liabilities)

All options are opened (except no 3rd party) :-)

No feedback ? Question is so boring ? :-(

Okay, Race, Curse, Spells. You got it!

If we want to play ancient lorekeeper, we gotta play an elf subtype which means playing an elf, half elf, or drow

I'd say your best bet is definitely playing a half elf, as they can get a pretty high charisma bonus using the kindred trait, get extra spells from the human FCB, get access to ancient lorekeeper, and get access to Paragon surge which...well is a very good spell that you should talk to your DM about.

Curse Time!
So there are lots of really cool choices. If you want to go with one of hte ones that you chose, I think hellbound could be really good!

IF you are looking for other options, I really think Shadowbound could be flavorful, and it gets you some more shadow spells eventually :D

Spell wise, someone did a FANTASTIC guide to all cleric spells. I'm not the best at it, but I think they did a really good job.

All Cleric Spells Review

Hope that helps!!!

Grand Lodge

I made a Shadow oracle recently. For inspiration:

Race: Aasimar with scion of Humanity and True speaker racial traits.
Curse: Deep one (due to nautical Campaign) which is also a big part of the characters background.
Feats: Improved initiativ (1), Augment Summoning (3), Superior Summoning (5), Extra Revelation (7)
Revelations: Dark Secrets (1), Army of Darkness (3), Wings of Darkness (7), Shadow Projection (7)
Spells that stands out are: Munderous Command, Shadow Trap, Aboleth’s Lung, Invisiblity, Searching Shadows, Silence, Twilight Haze, Deeper Darkness, Prayer, Shadow Enchantment, Summon monster.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Much appreciated !

@IluzryMage : True. I'm still wondering between half-elf or half-drow. Both are good for different reasons (drow darkvision and/or spell like ; elf for dual minded)

Thanks for link also. I'm not used to cast divine spells and/or illusion/shadow. That will help a lot.

@Khan : Build is much appreciated. For RP reasons, I won't go Aasimar but it's a good race for Oracle.

I'm trying a build with dual cursed to get more revelations by level 5, plus adding a tongue curse with Infernal fits well too.

Still working on it, I'll try to post build in the evening

Wayangs are dark and creepy, but not necessarily evil. They [Wayangs] have Shadow Magic, raising the DC of spells with the shadow discriptor, and their FCB for Oracles allows one to steal Illusion spells from the Wizard list.

I used Warsighted Oracle for Martial Flexibility, and the Succor Mystery for the Aid Another/teamwork stuffs. Went into Mortal Usher at 11, and Mortal Talents just finishes out the Warsighted stuffs. I chose to VMC Rogue to pick up a little Sneak Attack, because I felt it went well with the Mortal Usher's Reaping Strike. And the other Rogue stuffs fit well thematically with the concept driving the character.

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