Secrets of Magic PDF empty 22 byte file

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I tried to download the Secret of Magic PDF and the ZIP file is empty and only 22 bytes. Tried using Chrome, Edge and Safari on my laptop and Ipad.

I am having the same issue with
Pathfinder Adventure Card Society #6-5: Echoes of Death PDF

Tried Firefox and Safari; using a Mac.

I am also having the same issue with Echoes of Death, and then tried one of the free downloads and they both had the same issue (22 bytes, empty folder)

I had the same issue with book 6 of the reign of winter adventure path. I am also using a mac and used multiple decompression and archiving software.

Ok, it looks like it's a universal problem with their pdfs right now. Same thing is happening when I try to download any of my Starfinder pdfs.

Paizo Employee Software Architect

Hello, all. We've resolved the issue, and downloads should be working properly now.

If you have an empty 22 kb zip already queued up from yesterday, click on the "Problems downloading this file? Click here." link to regenerate the download.

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