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Hey, just wanted to chime in here. I've been suffering the same problem and, while it's been mostly resolved, I still can't seem to get the single file Pact Worlds PDF to download. The site now says it's a 229.79MB folder ready to download but it's still an empty folder. Thank you for all your hard work! You guys are awesome!

Ok, it looks like it's a universal problem with their pdfs right now. Same thing is happening when I try to download any of my Starfinder pdfs.

It's been happening to me for over a month. Good news is it sends to drop off your account after a day or so. Still super frustrating.

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Cthulhusquatch wrote:
It's a Monday.. any customer service people going to take a look?

Same thing happened to me but I didn't even get the pdf. They have several thousand open tickets going back almost a month right now. I wouldn't expect a reply for some time.

Aunders wrote:
Product Description wrote:
"Twelve character classes, including the alchemist, barbarian, bard, champion, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, and wizard!"
Did they rename paladin?! That's an interesting development!

Yeah, they turned it into a slightly more generic religious warrior with subclasses for each alignment. Paladin is the subclass for lawful good.

Name: Amorrana Androsanna
Race: Elf
Class: lvl 4-5 Ranger
Adventure: Sixfold Trial
Location: Nightshade theater, later Asmodean Knot
Catalyst: Troll Skeletons and Shadows, what else?
The Gory Details: After the trolls dropped both Larazod (played by the party Sorcerer) and Dentris (played by the party Rogue), one turned its attention to Amorrana, who had at this point remained unscathed. Unfortunately, I critted on two of it's three attacks, thus crushing her into a bloody pulp. She was eventually raised thanks to Mayor Averian, but then met her final end in the Asmodean Knot when the rest of the party abandoned her to the Shadows. She tried to roll Acrobatics to dodge past their attacks of opportunity but crit failed, falling on her face. The Shadows swarmed her prone body, dealing ~25 points of STR damage all at once.

Name: Nazzereno Alphonso Natale
Race: Human
Class: lvl 5 Dragonblood Sorcerer
Adventure: Sixfold Trial
Location: Asmodean Knot
Catalyst: Sphere of Chains
The Gory Details: After Amorrana's horrible demise the party fled deeper into the Knot, figuring that this would be their only chance at getting the Crux. They made their way to the Conduit without much difficulty, skipping Szasmir and making short work of the ghouls. Naz, having decided that using his high damage spells on the hardness 10 construct would be inefficient, began wearing it down with Acid Splash. He did well enough until he decided to move after casting. The Sphere got a nat 20 on its Attack of Opportunity, then confirmed, snapping poor Naz's neck.

The rest of the party then died ignominious deaths courtesy of the six Stirges.