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I just received the order notification for the Pathfinder Bestiary 3 Battle Cards in the Pathfinder Accessories Subscription I have, but I think 46,29$ shipping costs is a bit too much for me to swallow, especially since I will also have to pay VAT when the product arrives in the EU.

Seeing as the subscription doesn't offer that many benefits over just buying the products locally, I would like to cancel my subscription. If it's somehow possible to also cancel the pending order (Order 36631334 ), that would be appreciated as well.

In addition to this question I was wondering if there are any solutions in the work for EU subscribers, since with the new VAT rules that now apply, it's become very expensive. I love Paizo and all the products that you release, but I feel like I'm paying more for the shipping than the products themselves and that sucks :(.


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Hello Tomeric,

Your accessories subscription has been cancelled. You will be receiving an email confirmation. This also cancels the pending subscription item.

We've been looking into what we may be able to do to alleviate shipping costs, but I don't have anything I can pass along right now.

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Thank you!

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