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VanceMadrox wrote:

I've made a copy of Tomeric's Kingdom Sheet with our changes in place.

Since the Sheet is Tomeric's and not mine I don't want to post a public link but if you're interested send me a private message.

Feel free to post a public link! The only thing I would like to request is to make sure that the README tab is clear that the sheet is for modified rules so people don't get confused.

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Paizo shipped replacement hero point tokens, and I must say that customer support response time has increased quite a lot compared to a few months ago. So as of right now I'm a happy customer again.

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I received my package today (Netherlands). Unfortunately, the 60$ worth of Hero Point Tokens that I pledged were not in the box, and when I double checked the shipment mail, I saw they were also missing from the manifest. Hopefully this can get fixed by Paizo in the new year.

I must say that being a European customer of Paizo hasn't been easy the past year. We're paying ridiculously high shipping costs, had to deal with being charged VAT twice for several months and are last in line to receive this product. And even the fulfilment of that is not without it's issues. I really hope that Paizo can do something about this in the future (perhaps open a local office or partner with a European distributor so you can package and ship products from Europe?).

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Mr_Shed wrote:

Checking through the AP, it looks like there's only 3 quests that award Kingdom XP that PCs can reasonably complete before Part 2 of Chapter 4 kicks off (by which point the Kingdom is expected to be at least level 3), and they award 30 Kingdom XP each.

Even if those quests awarded 10 times as much XP, it's still likely to take several years in-game for a Kingdom to reach level 3.

Ah, I think this is something that should be clarified, but I think you get XP for an event TWICE. Once for experiencing it (30 XP), and once for resolving it (30-160 XP based on the Event Modifier). This little piece of information is "hidden" in the "Kingdom Event Descriptions" section: The kingdom’s event modifier is the value you apply to the kingdom’s level to determine the event’s level, for the purposes of determining XP rewards (so if a 1st-level kingdom is experiencing a +1 event, that event’s level is 2).

Snake0202 wrote:
Agreed. This was not well play tested at all. I like the spirit of the rules and what they were going for, but it’s very clear that these rules, and really the AP as a whole, was not well play tested. The treasures awarded doesn’t even comply with the general rules in the GM section. This is going to take a lot of work to run.

To be fair, I'm not sure I share that opinion.

I think the system itself is mostly fine and needs a handful of small rules changes or clarifications to work properly. Removing the level requirement from upgrading to a Town fixes at least a large part of the issues.

The DCs becoming so high that only Trained skills can successfully do skill checks is _not_ an issue in my opinion. Most skill checks can be circumvented with the Supernatural Solution skill (which does require magic), and you can technically train a skill each level by either spending a Skill Increase on them or by taking the "Skill Training" feat.

It might seem boring to take that feat at first, since you probably wouldn't consider it on a PC, but in the Kingdom Building system that we have now, getting training in a skill unlocks new activities for your kingdom, grants you access to new structures and increases your modifier, so it's actually a lot more "fun" than it appears to be at first glance.

I do wish that there was a better mundane alternative to Supernatural Solution. Creative Solution attempts to be that, but it also requires a Culture-based check (Scholarship), and it does not scale (and you usually have a circumstance bonus already). But I also like the idea that big, successful kingdoms on Golarion got that way because of Magic, or by knowledge (Skill Training).

I think the progression of the kingdom being slow is not ideal, but it's easy to fix per table by either increasing the RP to XP conversion rate or by applying an XP multiplier when the kingdom is under levelled (I personally use 3× for a 3-level difference, 2× for a 2-level difference and 1.5× for a 1-level difference, as this follows the XP awards by level table).

But even if you don't fix progression, it's only a "problem" at the lower levels. Once your kingdom grows it will be claiming tons of hexes and generating a lot of RP and just organically level up every year or so. It's just those early years that are slow and boring right now.

So overall, I think the system we got is pretty good and fun once you reach level 3.

FWCain wrote:

In their defense, they have mentioned that they have seeded numerous encounters for boosting the kingdom's XP into the Adventure Path, especially early on.

I would guess this was a deliberate choice -- specifically, how to balance growing your first settlement (your capital) quickly in the beginning, but =without= also speed-growing your subsequent settlements later on. Hence, the rules giving you that delay, but the adventurers encountering lots of kingdom XP.

Just my two coppers' worth. ;-)

I hear what you're saying, but I have done the math for the early Kingdom chapters of the AP, and it's not looking good. There is only about ~1500 XP worth of quests, milestones and kingdom events in chapter 4, and 4.1 already assumes your kingdom is level 4 before triggering some of those events. The bulk of your XP as an early kingdom comes from Kingdom Events that occur on average every 2.5 months and grant 30 - 190 XP (Event +4) each (but most will be ~70 XP). Even when converting all of your RP into XP at the end of turn and successfully claiming a Hex each turn, you will still be spending a significant time (2.5-4 years) before reaching Kingdom Level 3.

Now I personally am fine with it taking a year per level, as long as the gameplay is interesting, but all these limits on the early levels (number of structures, no farmlands, low commodity storage) just turns those early turns into very boring ways to waste time. You can't really expand too fast by claiming hexes, because your DCs will go up. You can't stockpile commodities for later turns, because you can only store 4 of them each. You can't build Farmlands, because your Town has 0 influence. You can't build structures. All you're doing for 30-50 Kingdom Turns is hunting/foraging/trading for food to pay consumption and rolling for kingdom events.

Let's also consider what the progression of the Town looks like from the outside. In the first month, the old fort is converted into a Town Hall and we build some houses for the pioneers. In the second month we construct an Inn/Shrine/General Store/etc. And then for YEARS, this growing kingdom doesn't construct anything at all in the capital (keeping the population low) until suddenly they reach Kingdom Level 3 and can finally start building stuff again.

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Most groups will probably start off in the hex with Stag Lords Fort, granting them a free Town Hall. This seems to be intended. To avoid having an overcrowded settlement, they're also required to build at least 1 residential structure (Houses / Tenements). Assuming they do this on their first Kingdom Turn, that means they've filled up 3 of their lots with structures already.

The rules specify:


Village: Settlements start as villages, consisting of a single block of 4 lots. When you Build a Structure (page 518) in a lot, you must select a lot in that block.

Town: Once your kingdom is 3rd level and you’ve filled all four lots in your village, as long as your settlement is not Overcrowded (page 543), the next time you Build a Structure in a lot, you may choose a lot in any block adjacent to your current block. As you do so, your village becomes a town. A town consists of 2 to 4 blocks of 4 lots each. The blocks must be contiguous, but they need not be a square—they could form a T, L, or S shape if you like. When your kingdom gains its first town, gain 60 kingdom XP as a milestone award (page 538).

So if I'm understanding this correctly, until the kingdom reaches level 3 (which will take ~2+ years of in-game time), the PCs are only able to add 1 more structure to their capital. Is this really the intention, or is this a rule that we are better off ignoring, for instance by removing the "your kingdom is 3rd level and" part of the Town description?

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I've changed the credit to the "Paizo community", but if you have any suggestions on how to best credit people for it, I'm all ears! I would love to hear your thoughts later!

I'm working on adding the Army rules to my Kingdom Sheet, and was wondering about the Train Army activity. In the book and the Player's Guide it says:

Player's Guide wrote:
You train an army in the use of a tactic. Choose one of the tactics from those listed starting on page XXX, then attempt a Scholarship or Warfare check against the tactic’s Training DC.

But I can't find a mention of Training DC anywhere else in the campaign or the Player's Guide. All the tactics do have a level, so maybe we're supposed to use the Level-Based DCs for this? Another option would be the "Standard DC" column from the "Basic Armies" table, which on first glance appears to have the same DCs. If anyone can clarify, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I just finished the last work on my version of the kingdom sheet and it should now be feature complete. I still have some stuff I would like to add in future updates, but let me know what you think, what you're missing, what's broken, etc.

Royal Kingdom Sheet for Pathfinder 2E - 1.0.0

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Mr_Shed wrote:
There's nothing stopping you from building Farmland Hexes before Kingdom level 3, building them just doesn't give any benefits until then.

I don't think this is true, since once of the prerequisites is "the hex is in the influence of one of your settlements" and your influence is still 0. Would love to be wrong about this!

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This sheet is still very much work in progress (I still need to finish adding all activities for instance), but it might still be useful and/or inspiring:

Royal Kingdom Sheet for Pathfinder 2E - ALPHA

My goal is to make a fully fledge spreadsheet that will take ALL of the work of calculating modifiers out of the player's hands. When it's finished you should be able to walk through a kingdom turn with this sheet in a couple of minutes and automatically keep track of the results of that turn.

I still have quite a bit of work to do on it, but it's been a fun way to get to know the new system and also make something that I will use when I restart my Kingmaker campaign next year.

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My Dark Archive shipment also arrived (in The Netherlands) without having to pay extra VAT.

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Unfortunately, the luck I had last month has ended and this month I had to pay VAT+ for my shipment from June (Netherlands) again. I have forwarded the invoice to customer support, but thought I would keep everyone in the loop here as well.

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Thanks for the update Brian, I just e-mailed my PostNL receipts to the customer service e-mail. Store credit is a fine solution for me.

captain yesterday wrote:

It has at least streamlined the process. Before the new system I'd post something here and get a response in one to two days. Now I get a response and my request is is handled within an hour or two.

The system works, it just takes time for for word to circulate, I highly recommend others try it.

I think it really depends on what kind of issue you have. I have a ticket that is over a month old and I hadn't received any communication about it since other than the initial automated response. I have even sent e-mails just asking if someone read them to rule out there is some kind of issue with my e-mail and those mails remain unanswered as well. Because of a topic on the forums, Brian took it upon himself to make sure I and others with the same issue will at least get some updates, but before that it was just radio silence.

In the past, on the QA forums, it was possible you had to had a few days on answers, but at least you could get a general idea of where in the queue you were based on answers from Customer Service Agents in other topics. Now, if your ticket remains unanswered, there is just nothing you can do. Can't even call a telephone number.

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Thanks Brian, I appreciate it quite a lot, especially the commitment to keep us informed. I think I hated the lack of acknowledgment or any reply to my support request more than the actual issue (which is also bad). Knowing that someone at Paizo is at least aware and working, makes me feel a lot less bitter about the whole ordeal.

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There have been quite a lot of posts asking about updates on support requests in the last few weeks, so I don't think it's limited to European customers...

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Some good news from my end. I just picked up the box with my May shipments from the local pickup point and for the first time in a long while I did not have to pay anything extra. No VAT or administration costs!

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Agorg wrote:

I don't think you understand. I bought the pdf and then the Foundry module, and SAVED money by doing so. This is Paizo telling customers who already own the AP that the correct way to buy their Foundry product is to first buy the collected pdf that they don't need or want.

I have no particular bone in this fight, but when I compare the price of the PDF ($ 38.99) it's equal to the discount for the Foundry module (59.99 - 21 = $38.99). You get the PDF for free if you buy the Foundry module, so how are you saving extra money by buying the PDF first?

I've looked into it, and my postal service (PostNL) says I have to get a VAT refund from Paizo, because they have not received the correct information from you. The relevant text can be found here, under the "Have you already paid VAT during checkout?" header: -customs-clearance-costs/

I have the same problem in The Netherlands, but I have not contact the post office yet about it.

Thank you!

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I just received the order notification for the Pathfinder Bestiary 3 Battle Cards in the Pathfinder Accessories Subscription I have, but I think 46,29$ shipping costs is a bit too much for me to swallow, especially since I will also have to pay VAT when the product arrives in the EU.

Seeing as the subscription doesn't offer that many benefits over just buying the products locally, I would like to cancel my subscription. If it's somehow possible to also cancel the pending order (Order 36631334 ), that would be appreciated as well.

In addition to this question I was wondering if there are any solutions in the work for EU subscribers, since with the new VAT rules that now apply, it's become very expensive. I love Paizo and all the products that you release, but I feel like I'm paying more for the shipping than the products themselves and that sucks :(.


Thanks Franz!

I am aware there are no PDFs for the cards, I'm just excited for the physical product ;-).


Order 13544920 contains all of my subscriptions for February.

Starfinder Adventure Path #25: The Chimera Mystery (The Threefold Conspiracy 1 of 6) has already shipped of the 13th and I have access to the PDF. I've been waiting for the rest of the items to ship because I'm really looking forward to reading the Gamemastery Guide and to have access to the Bestiary Cards, so I've been checking the Order Page regularly and yesterday I noticed the status switched to "Suspended / Pending".

It feels like something went wrong here? Can you please check on the status of this order?


Thank you Sam, I'm very happy with the solution you proposed.

I also replied to your mail, but wanted to make sure the answer was visible to others as well.

Unfortunately, today, 13 days after I contacted you about the issue, Order 8129186 was shipped with items that I didn't want and without the Critical Hit Deck :(.

I sent an email to 11 days ago when I noticed that the Pathfinder Critical Hit Deck was not in my upcoming subscription items but the Critical Fumble Deck was. I started this subscription with the Critical Hit Deck and was looking forward to using it in my games.

I followed up 1 day later when I got my order confirmation (Order 8129186), and it suddenly included all the accessories that were released BEFORE the Critical Hit Deck. I already own several of these and am not interested in the others. The Critical Hit Deck still wasn't part of that order and is still not showing up.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything back and the order with the invalid items has been stuck on "Pending" for the past 10 days. I understand that everything is a bit chaotic after the release of PF2, but I think 11 days without even an acknowledgment of receiving my email is a bit long :(.

In order to speed up the process, this is what needs to happen to fix my issue:

In Order 8129186 remove the following items:

- Pathfinder GM Screen
- Pathfinder Character Sheet Pack
- Pathfinder Combat Pad
- Pathfinder Condition Card Deck

And add the:

- Pathfinder Critical Hit Deck

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Gunslinger is the only class that multiple of my players want to play that is unavailable at launch, so I hope that we can get some form of that in the future.

Magus is another class that has been played at our table, but we can kind of simulate it with multiclassing in 2E. I would still love to see 2E's take on it.

I'm also really interested to see the Witch return as well as the Inquisitor, because I want to see 2E's take on Hexes and Judgments.

I've also seen an unannounced Advanced GM Screen.

Ediwir wrote:
I have most of the calculations for P1 to PT already, and PT to P2 is very much oriented to just adjusting my PCs' characters, but I might post out my work in regards to P1 to P2.

I would love it if you could share those calculations! Always interested in how other GMs tackled this.

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I guess I just don't want to eyeball everything ;-). I've been doing that for the stuff that I've run so far and feel pretty confident about it at lower levels, but at the higher levels that confidence erodes and I'm looking for some guidelines.

There's a nice Conversion Guide to convert 3.0 to Pathfinder 1E. All I want to know is if we can expect something like this for 2E.

Well, there are also DCs that need to be converted. I already noticed that on level 1 DCs should be 3 lower than they are in 1E because your maximum possible score is 3 lower; 1E: +1 rank, +3 class skill bonus and +4 ability score = +8 and in the Playtest it's +0 trained, +1 level, +4 ability score = +5. That's without taking Skill Focus into account in 1E, which could boost it even more. I have no idea how much the DCs will differ on higher levels and would like to know what the people that made the system think about it.

Also, I'm not sure if dividing the treasure by 10 (so gp becomes sp) will work out at higher levels. I know it's fine at level 1, but the Playtest assumes a level 20 character would have 20,000 gp of items, but in 1E it's 880,000 gp. Simply dividing treasure by 10 would lead to very wealthy PCs at higher levels.

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Will the Core Rulebook contain any guidelines to help convert the 10 years of Adventure Paths and Modules to the 2E ruleset, or will these be shared in another way (maybe a now GameMastery Guide???) after release?

I've been trying to convert the Price of Immortality trilogy to the Playtest rules, but I feel like I'm mostly guessing what all te numbers should be.

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I would like to also say that getting the PDFs is one of the main reasons I subscribe, since packages take weeks to ship to Europe and it allows me access to the content right away. I also use them heavily during prep by copy-pasting text or extracting maps to annotate and use on a VTT.

Sometimes the packages have enough stuff inside that I need to pay extra sales tax before I get my package (which is fine), which can increase the price to a point where it would have been (a little) cheaper to pick it up at a LFGS. The added value of the PDF is what makes it worth it though.

Just to make sure. It looks like my current Pathfinder 1E subscription will automatically migrate to 2E and I don't have to separately preorder this or wait until other subscriptions become available?

Edit: Seems this is all answered in the FAQ, and it seems the answer is yes!

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How do you know what skill applies for a monster? I've been looking in the Core Rulebook and the Bestiary, but I haven't found anything.

For instance, the first first enemy in Doomsday Dawn would be identified with the Dungeoneering skill in 1E, but I don't think there's an equivalent skill in 2E, so which one do you use?

First enemy in Doomsday Dawn:
Sewer Ooze