Vampire the Masquerade circa 1985


Ever found yourself longing for a gothic dark world lurking just behind the curtain? I am currently running a game of Vampire the Masquerade and am looking for an infusion of new blood after some player loss. Please see me here for recruitment. Looking for three players at most for V 20 Vampire the Masquerade.

What Clans and Bloodlines are available?

We have currently a Brujah, Ventrue, and Gangrel. We are in a mostly camarilla game but there is some room.

Most interested. But what kind of game is it, play by post or played over the net in real time?

Play by post here online

Excellent, that I can certainly do.

I am in Australia so playing real time over the net can create time zone issues.

What would you like for a character submission, a normal Camarilla starting vampire?


We have a Gangrel, Ventrue, and Brujah right now and are using V20 if you take a look at my profile you can follow over to the game and take a look

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