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I'm GMing for my group and we're pretty laid back about following RAW. I've been running AoA and using milestone awards for leveling suggested in the books. Lately I've been curious as to how the more stringent rules work and I wanted to make sure I've got it right.

When designing an encounter I set the threat level, multiply the “Character Adjustment” by the number of PCs and spend that for creatures using the costs on Table 10-2.

For example: A moderate encounter for 7 6th level PCs would have a budget of 140xp.
You could have (for example) an encounter with a 6th level monster (40xp) and 5 4th level monsters (100xp).

Each PC that survives the encounter would then get 80xp if I'm reading page 508 correctly.

Sound about right?

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That is my understanding. I've heard some arguments to do xp per monster so there is a slight bonus but as I read it regardless of character adjustment or compositions a moderate encounter is 80xp reward. Hopefully some more folks will chip in.

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you assign the XP required for the difficulty you want (so 80 for a moderate encounter) then you adjust it if they are more based on the table (so +3x20) then assign mosnters to reach that number. And then everyone gets the xp for the encounter level, so a moderate encounter will be 80xp for everyone.

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