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Ran in to an npc that has a couple magic whips. They are +1 flaming and unholy. Now according to the good o'll whip rules the whip does no damage to people with armor which lead me to a couple questions.

If I hit with the whip and do no damage do I still apply the unholy and flaming damage?

If I use the whip for a disarm/trip attack do I apply the unholy and flaming damage?

I did a search but didn't find the info I was looking for so any help is appreciated.

So I am getting ready for my crew to head on in to book six and reviewing what allies they may have to help them for later and prepping for the last part of the book when something occurred to me. In theory, they can ally with the Urdefhans but when the spears drop they will wipe out several important places to Izon, not least of which is his palace all the while making it impossible for them to re-locate. I don't see much helping going on after that, or at best after it looks like the snakes have been beat'n. I for see a lot of casualties inflected by them. What was your guys take on this? I'm considering just had waving my party went back and offed them (they haven't actually done the deal yet so may go back to finish them off any hoo).

Gotcha. Thank you!

I seem to recall it being talked about but I can not find the policy on scanning maps from AP books and making them available.

Is that something frowned upon or acceptable after a particular time frame? I've been working on some serpents skull maps for a projector of vtt and have been mostly happy with how they are coming along and would like to share them when done if allowed.

So I figured I'd ask and see if there was an official policy.


Kitora wrote:

I want to make a human fighter that uses an Large size greatsword. (With a -2 penalty.)

Is that possible?

As a side note you can have a great sword enchanted with the 'impact' quality which gives it the same damge as a size larger great sword.

I've just started using these in an AP I'm running and they are quite handy. Nice work!

A random note about Windows phone, they appear to be planning on bringing windows phone apps in line with Windows apps at some point. It is a little unclear if that will be with some updates to windows phone as is or if it will be saved for windows 9. The plan as I understand it is basicly to switch the windows phone OS over to windows RT so all MS devices use the same app store. So depending on the time tables it may save you fussing with that version.

Joshua -

Sounds pretty exciting! My guys scored pretty high on the local roll in the beginning so once they found the first traps and a few of the abandon huts they called the cannibal rumor true and I think negotiation was off the table because ... cannibals.


Glad to hear you guys are still plugging away at it. I've been a few AP's now and never gotten out of the first book so as I am running this one I am determined we'll finish it.

I know a few of us on the forums started this AP not too long ago and was just wondering how things were going.

So far, as of I think week 4, they have explored most of the island safe for the south end and mountain. They have run in to a few canibal patrols and are currently going over what to do about the entire camp now that they've found. They haven't taken any npc's with them as yet and done it all on their own.

I've laminated the map from the map pack and put red dots down for each of the dots on the gm map and then covered the entire thing in cut up black post it notes. Under any square that covers a dot I rote the coresponding number to look up what happens. So far it's been a lot of fun and worked out better than I had hoped. The boats and a couple animal dens they failed to notice are driving them a bit crazy though since the dot is still there but there isn't any in character reason to go look again and a lot of the boats are out in the water a bit so they just can't get to them.

So how are things going for you other new SS path runners out there?

Quatar wrote:

True, my appologies. The main focus of this thread was to find out how Paizo PDFs display on an actual b/w Kindle, because I was curious about that. And I got this answered, thank you.

The whole Roll20 thing is a different thing, and I wouldn't even have mentioned it. I've been talking with a few people on the Roll20 board about that issue, and it seems it's not too great for it.

So a Kindle Fire might be an option, I hadn't even considered it before, so thank you :)

I also want to throw in the Kindle DX which you can find used on amazon and ebay. It has a larger e-ink screen and is much more rpg book friendly because of it. The Nook Touch also handles re-scaling of text in pdfs (as long as they are ocr and not just scans) making them, imo, more rpg pdf friendly as well.

As for useing them on a 'real' tablet I lean heavily to windows tablets. Everything just works. you've got full access to the official prd and the ogl srd via web browser, multiple options including actual adobe for reading any pdfs you might have and there are some great apps listing all spells, feats and traits and the author has a few more in the works. Looks for the new quad core atom tabs, they start around 350$ and you really can't go wrong. If you have the extra $ the new surface 3 is a perfect size but it isn't cheap.

Not sure what MW tools are so d'know. I was basing things on buying new, of which I have not seen any at under 100$. If you are finding them used or on ebay just be aware they may not have an OS and one might need to be purchased seperately.

Depends a bit on what you need. I suppose my 2cents would be either the Asus T100. It is a solid little performer and just got a slight cpu refresh. You're still looking at 350 minimum per tablet though. If you need cheaper start looking in to some of the android options. I've not used them personaly but they tend to more in the 200$ range on the low end.

Depending on their use I would take a look at some in person. I find 10inch screens to be a bit on the small side and use liberal zoom. If I could have coughed up the extra 400# I'd have gone with a new serface 3 for the large screen.

If you can compromise with a laptop instead there are some great deals on chrome books if all you need is access to stuff online.

Just information. Sorry if it is in the wrong spot, it's where I found other discusions on the topic. All of the setups I've seen have been wired so thought this might be of interest to some.

I started running an adventure path recently and some of the published maps are over sized. I decide to try my hand at a projector for those maps. In doing my research I came accross WiDi/Miracast. I got in all the parts I needed to test it and it works great for cutting the cord to the projector. Both the Pus2TV3000 and the ScreenBeam Pro have gotten good reviews. For me I needed to get to a vga conector and there is a version of the ScreenBeam (ScreenBeam Pro Edu Edition) that comes with a vga adapter. It converts you down to 4x3 but worked without a hitch with my tablet.

The simplest that comes to mind would be tieing it in with the story of Saventh and her fall/victory. Shouldn't take much to alter the printed information a bit to add in involvement from Elemental planes or creatures. Perhaps her weapon was crafted by such an entity or her armor etc.

Maybe since this is an older AP one never got made. I ended up just getting some cheep 1 subject folders for each AP (I want to call them peechies but that makes me feel old) and printing out the monster stats that weren't re-printed in the actual AP book. If you use the official Paizo SRD you can copy-paste from your browser in to Word or what ever text program you use. I made each monster it's own page as I flipped through the book and then printed them off and put them in the corespondering folder. It didn't take long and has helped me keep a little more organized and less laptop/computer dependant.

I am interested in the answer to this as well. I will be starting this AP on the coming Saturday. Good luck to us both!

Thanks for input!

So it looks like I /may/ finally get to run this. I've been working on things for a while and most stuff is ready to go. The one thing that I am still nervous about are some of the encounter maps. They are just so huge I don't know how to translate them to the table. Even just the last two encounter maps in book one are a bit rediculous in size. What did you guys do? Just draw them out as you go? Print out 8x11 sheets to put together? Spring for huge poster prints?

Any input is apreciated. Thanks!

I got a set of paper minis recently and there is a creature listed as being Colossal. The round base is 5 inches but I had thought Colossal creatures were 6 inches across. Which is correct?


Quick size question

Minor Spoiler:
In the monster list the vagabond spider is listed as colossal which as far as I can find is 6 squares in size but the minis appear to only be 5. Which is the correct size? Thanks!

I am working my way through these at the moment. I have added some little inserts to fatten up the bottom and cut it flat so I can use them in my pawn bases instead of the bases they come with. They should store nicely flat this way. Tiny, gargantuan, and colossal I used the included bases since pawns don't come that small or large.

I hadn't given it much thought in the past but it occured to me that cure spells (sans 'mass' versions) are touch spells. You should then be able to cast a cure spell and just hold on to it untill it is needed. so all your first curing of a party member requires is a standard action to touch them instead of casting a spell (and possibly taking an aoo). Is that corect?

Had a quick question about speaking with dead.

I will be playing carrion crown soon as a bone oracle. I'm not looking for any spoilers but I was wondering if Speak with dead was something they made any allowances for in writing the adventure or if it would just cause my gm more fuss and bother than it is worth?


I was looking at this again to day and noticed that it does not seem to have a dc, it just kinda looks like it is bam! -1 level for the target (assuming you hit). Is that correct?

All I really have to compare it to are the spells and a few monsters and they don't seem to allow a save either. It all seems a bit harsh.

Vildrean wrote:

I Have a Question, Does The Spells you cast defines your alignment?.

F/E: A wizard cast Ray Of Enfeeblement. The Wizard Necessarily becomes Evil, because it's a Necromancy spell?.

Another Example:

A Paladin cast on himself Bed Of Iron, Does he loss all his Paladin powers because it's a Necromancy Spell?.

I've been arguing about it for a couple of days with a friend because of that, i really appreciate the help.

Thank You.

Vildrean The Bard.

The long and short of it is that it is up to the GM when it comes to alinment related strangeness. Particularly when it comes to spells.

"Most of these descriptors have no game effect by themselves, but they govern how the spell interacts with other spells, with special abilities, with unusual creatures, with alignment, and so on."

"There's no hard and fast mechanic by which you can measure alignment—unlike hit points or skill ranks or Armor Class, alignment is solely a label the GM controls."

Quote directly from curent core book prd.

When combining burning and bloody variants I had a couple questions I can't quite track down the answer to.

Would a 5 HD creature be 10, 15, or 20 HD to rais as a bloody + burning skeleton?

Is a bloody + burning skeleton still able to reasemble after 'Firey Death'?


Forgot about twin blades, for some reason I thought it was only damage.

Improved balance can opt to forgoe the +1 to instead treat a one handed weapon as a light weapon for purposes of two weapon fighting.

So with the two weapon feat and jotun grip you should be at -4/-4 but twin blades gives you back 2 for -2/-2 ..... Not terrible but a long road to haul.

So if one were a level 2 Titan Mauler and level 11 Two-Weapon Warrior with two-weapon fighting you could wield 2 greatswords at -4/-4 correct?

So if a creature has a natural attack that also does poison is raised as a zombie, say a giant wasp, does that attack(s) retain the poison?

Does Soul Siphon work on undead?


So we started using downtime in a game recently and a question has been bubbling around in my head I hope the boards can answer.

We have someone building a building and some of the rooms produce magic. The magic production has been being converted in to money toward crafting magic items.

What I can't find are the rules that cover this. All I can find about the Magic income for down time is that it can be traded for a +1 on certain magic related rolls not that it reduces or provides any gold for the crafting process.

Can anyone tell me where this is at in the rules or explain how this works in the new downtime system?

In the interim both Pathfinder Amethyst and NeuroSpasta by Dias Ex Machina are worth a look for adding a sci-fi element. I haven't nabbed Spasta yet but it is on my list to take a look over the robot rules. The gun and cool armor rules seem clean and well balanced for Pathfinder. I am hoping to take it out on a full test run in an adventure path.

Fantastic. I'll be looking forward the print/pdf option. I guess I'm too old school but I have yet to find a digital device I can sit and read from for any productive length of time. The pdf's are great for reference however.

Any time frame on a print option?

So, there is currently no plan for a print eddition? Only pdf?

From some of the description so far it sound like a bit of a post-apoc tool kit for Pathfinder. Is that where things are headed or will there be a setting in the book as well? I really like some place to start with games and the lack of setting was the only issue I had with Atomic Highway.

I will definately keep an eye out for it. I'm not too into the matrix stuff just thought the magic/tech mix could be interesting in a town/city building kinda game. Leaders of a frontier town kinda thing. Who knows.

Is there a character sheet in the book or does it just use the normal Pathfinder sheet for the time being?

I was happy to see the print version pop back up on Drivethru so I think I'll nab it +PDF this weekend.

Everything I have heard so far has been very positive.

Thank you for all the information!

[Dias Ex Machina] I have ready most if not all of the reviews and it is what got me interested. The only thing that seemed to be missing from those reviews was actual play so I was wondering if there were any current or past games going for the Pathfinder version.

[Endzeitgeist] Thank you for the input! I was wondering about mixed groups. They sound do-able with care as is.

Rules wise could the anti-tech of magic be left out, or is it well woven into the system? I was kind of leaning toward a post-apoc shadowrunish setting for a bit and this seemed pretty cool but fidly for a mixed group.

Thank you both for taking your time on an older post!

Elf for the race.

abyssal gives claws so the thought was arcane strike would make them abetter back up when out of spells.

Hi. Just looking for some feat advice from levels 1 - 9 for an Abyssal sorcerere. Core rule book only.

I belive we will be starting an adventure path so I've been tinkering with some character concepts on paper. What I came up with today is -

Arcane strike lvl 1
Combat Casting lvl 3
Spell Pen lvl 5
Empowered spell and greater spell pen lvl 7
Heighten spell lvl 9

I'm not sure how much I want to summon stuff but that fits with the arcana bonus so the improved summon feat isn't off the table but I do gete it as a bonus later any hoo.

Only played one sorcerer and didn't do well with feat choice for a sorcerer so was curious what you may suggest.

Thanks for any feedback!

Thanks all!

Sorry, yes, one attack was meant to be attack of opportunity.

If you have combat reflexes or extra attacks of opportunity from what ever, can they be used against the same target assumeing they provoke mulitple times?

Oladon - Enlarge person gives you 'natural reach 10' which really isn't in the basic book as far as I can find. So if I have a weapon I should threaten out to two squares from my character but can I attack adjacent squares since you can not attack adjacent with a reach weapon?

Just a few quick questions.

I have been told that you can only make one attack against an opponent per round regardless of how many attacks of opportunity you have. Is that correct and if so where is it in the book?

With a reach weapon I cannot attack adjacent enemies.

If I am the target of enlarge person and acquire reach does that apply to my weapon (say a long sword) as well or just natural attacks?

If it applies to my weapon can I no longer attack adjacent opponents?


have you looked into the oracle? ive been likeing one i play in a recent game. they can heal but it doesnt have to be a focus.

I'm a bit the opposite. There are any number of generic systems out there over recent years and I'd much prefer a setting in which to get excited about and stir up my imagination.

Even if you left it fantasy a good solid setting book with a few world specific traits/feats/prestige classes could be really cool.

Moving to Modern/Sci-fi complicates things a bit. I'd say have a look through the Sci-fi book and Amethyst Renaissance products to see how they handled it.

If it is straight mod/sci-fi with no magic then I'd probably go the mufti book rout, Rules, Setting, and Enemies.

If you mix the two like Amethyst then a lot of weight shifts off your shoulders since anything not tech and guns is already in the pathfider book.

In my group a well done kingdom building theme would be pretty awesome but we weren't head over heals for the actual Kingmaker rules. They were ok but not quite what our gm had been looking for.

Amethyst preview

Infinite Futures

Would this still be fantasy or do you want mod/sci-fi eliments?

I've been leaning into a sci-fi mode again lately and it has brought me back to Amethyst. Pathfinder is what I have been playing most recently so it seemed the simplest slide over into this game. I have read quite a few reviews and found no glaring issues to my eye but I haven't heard/read of anyone actually playing or running a game.

If anyone is currently involved one way or the other in a game of Amethyst or one that is using the new rules I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you as always for any input.

I was looking in to making potions for the first time recently and there seems to be few restrictions. Nothing with target of personal and nothing over level 3. It also says to make all the normal descisions when casting the spell as normal. Which left me with 2 main questions.

Can I make a potion that is affected by a metamagic feat as long as it doesn't bump the spell higher than lvl 3?

What happens to combat spells made into potions? So say you make a magic missile potions. Does the drinker get to cast magic missile or do they suffer the affects of being hit by magic missile?

Thanks for any feed back. Just curious as I have never dealt with potion making in game before.

Thank you!

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