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Not really sure where to share this. Some of this is just sorta thinking out loud. No offense is intended and hopefully this isn't breaking any sort of rule, policy, etc. Its just questions of curiosity.

I was thinking about how PFS1 is declining. I know there are still a lot of people who want to play but I'm betting a lot of it has to do with limited replays. I get it, part of that is by design for Paizo trying to push people to get onboard with PFS2. And that is great for those who enjoy it. But for those who would still like to flesh out some builds for PFS1 and never got to their options for doing so are limited.

But what if they weren't? What if replays were less limited? I know that there is no way to change the rules for PFS1. But theoretically speaking is there anything stopping a community from building an alternative organized play environment for playing Pathfinder 1? The rules could be nearly identical to current PFS1 rules but with replays made more open (but not unlimited).

Would this be ... legal? Does it go against any policy or anything? If a community wanted to create a system and environment to carry out a plan like this is it possible without running afoul of Paizo? Are scenarios, chronicles, boons, etc. legally off limits for such a concept?

Is it blasphemy to bring this up? Perhaps some kinda taboo?

And before anyone brings it up, I personally lack the time, motivation, skill and ability to accomplish anything like this myself. Consider me more of an idea man on this. If such a project were possible, legal and didn't cause any other sort of problem I would support it though. I'm guessing I wouldn't be alone. Mostly this just stems from wanting to play more PFS1 but being limited by replays.

This seems like a Pathfinder Society question. You want the "organized play" part of the forum. If it's not a society question, then it's purely ask your DM territory.


Oh, hell. You are correct. Sorry.

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I don't think you would legally have a problem if you started a (free) organization that ran PF1 games, that used a ruleset similar to Pathfinder Society for PF1.

You would only have an issue if you charged for the service, I think.

My concern would be interest, probably. A lot of the PFS folks have moved on PF2e, which is fine by me. Personally 1d never that interested in PFS or any organized play, though I'd be infinitely more willing to do PFS than AL.

Might also want to take a look at Legendary's Newfinder/Corefinder, but I'm not optimistic it'll break out of a niche market (which for a 3pp publisher is fine).

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I guess Paizo would be rather supportive. Might be the best course of action to talk with someone there directly.

And it's not like they insist that everyone else focuses on the new edition. Owlcat Games currently creates its second computer game (Wrath of the Righteous), based on PF1, and they still get support from Paizo.

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