Issues reading PF2e books and pdfs

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I've been having issues due to my wonky eyes.

Is there a way for me to activate read out loud on acrobat?
I even have the pro version.

If i try to run OCR on the pdf's it asks for a password.
If I just try to tell it to read the file out loud it tells me
"warning empty page".

I'd appreciate any help I can get in this regard. I really want to start running a game for my kids and few of their friends.

Thank you in advance.

Which operating system? Their built in screen readers are all different.

Whatever it is, you should be able to get it to read the web rules ( without trouble.

I tried this in Preview on macos and I had to select text on the page to get it to read; maybe if you select text in Acrobat (rather than a page) it will work.

If you manage to get text-to-speech working at all, how well if works is going to depend very much on how the PDF itself is structured—most are structured poorly, such that if you copy & paste text it winds up scrambled. This is particularly true of two-column layouts and tables.

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