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I noticed that amazon lists this exact ISBN as softcover.

I'm assuming this is actually hardcover?

I've been having issues due to my wonky eyes.

Is there a way for me to activate read out loud on acrobat?
I even have the pro version.

If i try to run OCR on the pdf's it asks for a password.
If I just try to tell it to read the file out loud it tells me
"warning empty page".

I'd appreciate any help I can get in this regard. I really want to start running a game for my kids and few of their friends.

Thank you in advance.

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Why is it that this 128 page book is a $25 pdf.
Is that a typo? It seems a wee bit rich.

Considering the Advance Player's Guide is $15.

I noticed there's a wizard character and a rouge in the stat blocks. Are the others buried in the layers somewhere?

Congratulations and Welcome to Paizo. I cannot wait to see what new products you all develop!

I sure wish ROLL20 would get pathfinder content. Kudos on working it out with Fantasy Grounds. D20pro keeps on saying you guys are working on something but it's been over a year.

Hopefully your content gets delivered to ROLL20 pronto. My credit card is waiting and ready.


Has Paizo addressed the binding issue on the core book for Starfinder? I've been seeing / hearing a lot of negative feedback on the binding for this book.

Thank you.

I'd buy this again even in the PDF version as a smaller version
would probably fit smaller pdf readers better to. My local shop
was out of stock today. Also, amazon doesn't seem to support prime
for this pocket version. It does however support prime for the
massive original version tomb.