Quinn First Power Question: Use Weapon for reveal and then for power?

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Hi All-

Playing as Quinn, after I reveal my weapon (sawtooth saber) to use my acrobatics skill for my combat check I have been using his first power by reloading a card to replace acrobatics with knowledge and adding the level of the reloaded card. To this point I have only been reloading a different card from the weapon.

My question: may i reload my weapon after I've revealed it? With the reveal I am playing it, but with the reload I am using a power which I don't believe contradicts the "one card type played per step" rule.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!

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You totally can, because, as you said, you aren't playing the card for Quinn's power and with the reveal action the card is still in you hand. With any other action to play the Sawtooth Saber, it wouldn't be in your hand anymore, but with reveal, it still is.

Nice! And we just finished Ad5 and I picked up the Loot Weapon Serithtial which just happens to have the finesse trait, meaning I can reveal it to use my knowledge as my base skill (currently d10+5) and then put the weapon on top to add static 6 for the AD# of the card, and the weapon itself gives me d12+4. So with one card in hand, on a reveal (playing the card) and then reload (using my power), I am rolling d10 + d12 + 15. this is gonna be fun

thanks for the response!

Spoiler alert - definitely keep that sword in hand for one crucial fight, you are going to need it. Really need it.
As a side note, my Hakon ("I'm the Batman ... or maybe Zorro?") had a similarly powerful bonus when having Blackjack boon in his hand or discards. 1d8+7 for any check against a monster is very handy. True, when fighting, it's not a single card bonus comparable to +15, but comes veeery close with any magic weapon + Melee + Strength.

One thing I liked with Serithtial is that you can treat it (or better: her) as an ally when rebuilding.

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