Bulwark trait vs Swarm?

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Had it come up in a scenario I was GM'ing where a fighter wanted to use his +3 Bulwark reflex save bonus against a Bloodseeker Swarm's Swarming Bites attack. I allowed it but wondering what other's think?

The rule uses a fireball example. I see this as a more 'instantaneous' event as opposed to constantly standing in the midst of a swarm where several creatures could find ways into your armor. Otherwise I lean towards allowing the rule I suppose.

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If its a reflex save to avoid a damaging effect, then bulwark applies.

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Yeah. Flavor wise, the a armor covers enough of your body to where the bugs have trouble reaching you flesh. Not completely, but as much as someone can use reflexes to keep themselves safe really. I'd rather have a a bee keeper suit than the reflexes of Bruce Lee if I was walking into a cloud of hornets.

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Gotcha. Thanks guys

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