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Just for fun, let's try to replace classes with the "better 3pp version of class and archetypes".

Fighter --> Legendary Fighter
Barbarian --> Unchained Barbarian & Everyman Unchained Rage (Alternative : Legendary Barbarian)
Bard --> Everyman Unchained Bard & Everyman options : Unchained Bard Masterpieces
Monk --> Legendary Monk + Unchained Monk + Everyman Unchained Monk I & II
Ranger --> Legendary Ranger
Rogue --> Legendary Rogue
Paladin --> Legendary Paladin

Any Ideas ?
You can suggest base classe, occult classes and hybrid classes too !

mekka2000 wrote:
Ranger --> Legendary Ranger

With the caveat that it's significantly powerful compared to other Legendary classes, and thus possibly overpowered.

Shifter --> Legendary Shifter (so much so that it should have just been adopted as official)

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This might be a good time to note that, as I'm almost out from under my MOUNTAIN OF EDITING on Too Many Projects... I've actually started preliminary work on Legendary Sorcerers, Wizards, and Investigators... :)

Great !!
Hope bard and druid are on the to-do list !

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Wizard (specialist) RGG - Grimoire Arcane Book of 8 Schools
Cleric RGG - Talented Cleric & More Cleric Talents

Spellless Ranger from Kobold Press' New Paths Compendium.

Unchained Ninja from Everyman Games.

Using Spheres of Power offers more options than any other magic-using build.

Using Spheres of Might does the same for martial classes.

actually the unchained barbarian is nerfed version of the regular barbarian (which a strong argument could be made that by 12 level is the most powerful class in the game, when properly constructed)

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