Making a Good Ol' Divine Bard

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So I found this class:

And will be playing it in a homebrew undead themed campaign.

Rules are 25 point buy, no stat dumping, automatic bonus progression +1. I was thinking of starting stats of the following: STR 16, DEX 13, CON 15, INT 10, WIS 10, and CHA 14. This is pre race, as I was thinking either human or aasimar as the race.

What I want to ask is what would be good feats to compliment the character, as well as spell choice. My god is most likely Sarenrae, and his alignment will be either CG or NG. Any input would be great!

NOTE: The Omdura implies that you don't gain your own invocation bonus until lvl 11, thinking that you don't count as your own allies. The DM has ruled that I will not gain my own invocation bonuses till that point.

You do unless its nonsensical to gain it. If your gm made that call go with it. I cant speak for the class and it's way of thinking.

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