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If I have a weapon with the grapple special property with an enhancement bonus and I also have a belt of superior maneuvers and score a critical hit, if I choose to grapple and use the belts ability (a free action that grants an enhancement bonus to grapple checks), do these two bonuses work together?

Normally, the same kind of bonuses don't stack, but the weapon's enhancement bonus applies to attack rolls and the belt's applied to specifically grapple maneuvers.

I'm building a character and I have all the items I know that I want to get, except items for the eye and neck slots. I was hoping other people could give me some ideas.

I'm building a grapple character, so anything that can help with that would be nice.

I am already aware of the necklace of natural armor, I don't plan on taking that, and I'm with a non power gaming group, so I shouldn't need to worry about losing that extra AC.

Thanks ahead of time.

While I hope others will also come and provide input on this class, these are some good points.

1) Understandable. To reduce its power, I could give less Hybrid Form abilities, reign in the stats bonuses for dragon shape, and maybe adjust the power pool.

2) I do not plan on using vampire Hunter as a base, the ideas are not at all similar to me.

3) While #2 sort of covers this, the vampire focused can be a decent idea of what level of power things should be. For things of greater power, I'll have to think of a way to decrease them, or put a level minimum on them.

4) I plan on adding favored class bonuses, but not in the immediate future.

5) Spell casting only increases power, and I don't want to have spells as a base part of the class. I've also been considering removing the sorcery gift, as that would grant access to things like mirror image, a spell any combat class wants to have.

6) This one is a good idea, I'll have to think about what it would fall under.

7) See previous comments 2 and 5.

It would appear that the link I have provided is faulty. Here is it again:


I recently made a class, and would like some input on it. 2f0s/edit?usp=sharing

(Just in case the Draco Soul link doesn't work) w2fQ/edit?usp=sharing

I made this class to bring a non-caster character to be able to take on being a dragon (albeit temporarily). With it, I wanted to make the class make the character actually feel like a dragon at all times, hence the hybrid form feature. I also added what I believe will help with role playing, both in the what is described in the hybrid form feature and the Draco soul feature.

This is the first class I have ever made, so please be patient with me, and if I gave this class some thing that players really shouldn't have, please let me know what and why.

Here's a few other things:

1) There is not a lot of flavor text for the select able abilities. I plan to add flavor text later, after some input.
2) I do not give the class all good saves (bad reflex), despite its relation to dragons, who have all good saves. While it can make its reflex good through Heightened Reflexes, I didn't want to just flat out give three good saves to what is intended to be a realistically played class.
3) Similarly to the previous explanation, this class grants only four skill ranks instead of six, despite the dragon relation. There is an ability that grants an additional two skill ranks, but I didn't want to just give a class a ton of ranks just because I could.
4) I would like to request extra attention to the maximum amount of the Power Pool ability in relation to the rest of the class- do I give too many (and while I would disagree, too few?) points in this pool?
5) I feel like the level twenty capstone ability isn't all that good, or interesting, really. I was thinking of adding three options the character can take when he reaches this level, such as permanently increasing the Natural Armor feature by four or gaining another two of three Hybrid Form abilities, maybe a greater increase to strength, things like that. Input on this would also be welcome.

As a last mention, I am not perfect, and neither is this class that I made. If you think of something draconian that seems obvious and that I missed, please let me know (regardless of what it is). Even if you believe its application to be unoptimal, I'd like to add it.

Thanks to all ahead of time!

If I have darkvision and polymorph into a creature that doesn't have darkvision, do I lose it?

The ruling for the frightful presence monster ability states that it is activated as a free action as a part of an attack or charge:

This special quality makes a creature’s very presence unsettling to foes. Activating this ability is a free action that is usually part of an attack or charge.

However, I keep seeing the groups in my games have the area of the frightful presence as just something that is always active. If there some ruling that makes the presence always up that I don't know about?

If a character is grappling another creature and wished to take a five foot step, could they use it to move away from the creature they are grappling, and/ or use it to make a better position next to their grappled opponent?

While I am aware that creatures that are three sizes apart can move through one another's occupied space (still granting an AOO), does this allow these creatures to end their turns within reach others space? If this can happen, what would that mean for flanking?

If a larger than normal creature is traveling with the party and it has to enter somewhere where it needs to make use of this ability, how should it be represented on the map? Would it be able to defend itself?

Would it slow down the party?

Can party members still maneuver around it?

If there's anything else to add that you think might be necessary, please let me know!

Cavall wrote:
Maybe talk about level, gold to spend, and of course what kind of animal

What animal is part of what I'm asking about, I have no experience with druids.

As for level, I'd say level 9 and the appropriate wealth for the level (46000).

So I was thinking about a druid who's companion grappled opponents to make the rest of the party's lives easier, and was wondering what magic items would best complement this idea. Since the companion is strangely shaped, it would only have the following slots:

Armor, belt*, chest, eyes, head, headband, neck, shoulders, wrist

*Technically, this slot only allows a saddle, but my group allows any belt.

Any help would be nice!

SageOfDespair wrote:

Perhaps I'm too late, but I'd like to direct you to the following post that may help. _think/

So I just gained a single seventh level spell for my mystic theruge, and I was looking at one of these spells to be my spell known. My biggest stat is in wisdom (28) and my chrisma is secondary (17), which is why I'm debating the two rather than just taking waves of ecstacy.

Any opinions would be nice, or perhaps something else, if you think that it would be better!

Magda Luckbender wrote:

Looks like a fun group. You may struggle a bit. In TarkXt's class essay The Forge of Combat, where Sun Tzu to Pathfinder, this is a party of mostly Hammers with one Arm no Anvil. Lack of healing should not be a problem, but lack of Battlefield Control may easily become a huge problem.

For healing just make sure everyone carries a Wand of cure Light Wounds or three, and that several PCs take the Use magic Device skill. Condition removal will be slightly more of a problem. They'll often need to wait for bad conditions to wear off. Hopefully the GM won't add lots of time pressure, because this party will need to take its time.

I suggest the existing PCs do what they can to increase their combined Battlefield Control power, as that's the toughest part of Full Casting to replace. For example, martial PCs mostly project Battlefield Control through using reach weapons and reach tactics. If several PCs wield longspears then the combined groups' passive reach screen will provide significant battlefield control.

Are you set on playing a gunslinger? if not, consider instead something like a Monster Tactician Inquisitor. Still not a dedicated caster, and can be a very effective melee combatant, but Summon Monster provides terrific battlefield control.

Another defensive battlefield control option is for everyone to to have some way to see through fog or smoke (e.g. smog-sighted half-orc) and rely heavily on Obscuring Mist for defensive battlefield control. #21Like this. For example, either your bard or another PC could take three levels in...

Well, I was thinking about a third party race and class for that race that I would use for a grapple build, since I would be able to become larger sizes permanently, and get snatch to use the advanced reach. That doesn't replace battlefield control spells, but it could help.

Thank you for the Inquisitor idea, but I am playing the castiest of casters in my soon to end campaign (homebrewed mystic theruge with cleric and sorcerer), and want to take a break from casting. I many take that up if my current character dies later (much later).

So for my group's current campaign is coming to a close, so we've been looking forward about characters and concepts for our next one. It will be aquatic (homebrew), and we all have come up with some characters that we want to play-

Armiger Fighter
Sandman Bard
Gunslinger (Me)

As you can see, all we have for spell casting is a bard, so healing is not a very common thing that we will have. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to mitigate this?

A note on the DM for this campaign, he isn't going to try and outright kill us or anything, but if we end up in a situation where we can die, he won't fudge numbers. He is also having us start at level one.

I believe I understand now, as I was thinking about this in the wrong way. Instead of DR against a kind of damage, I should be thinking of they have DR 5/ X or y, X and Y being the other damage types.

For what I'm referencing, it's here:

"For the purpose of the dragon resistance bloodline power, you gain DR equal to half the energy resistance you would normally gain against all attacks of that specific damage type. A character with the power of wyrms bloodline power gains immunity to her bloodline’s damage type."

This is from the sorcerer draconic bloodline.

Some of the sorcerer bloodlines grant DR instead of energy resistance, and the DR is against only one type of damage. What I want to know is if they, say have DR against bludgeoning damage and are hit by a weapon that deals bludgeoning and piercing damage, will the DR apply or not?

This is what I needed thank you!

Are there any creatures with both blindsense and blindsight? If so, what creature(s)?

While I know that attack rolls have crit success/fail, my group (and many others, for that matter) allow all d20 rolls to crit succeed/fail. What I want to know is what are the ONLY things allowed to do this, RAW, that is?

Yomabo wrote:

Could you elaborate on that?

So if I, a grappler, grapple someone and I am wearing a ring of freedom of movement, does that prevent the other creature from even being able to try and escape my grapple?

If an enormous creature polymorphs into a smaller creature and they were already carrying a medium or heavy load, would their new sizes' carry weight modifier cause them to be unable to move?


For the sake of the question at hand, say an adult red dragon (STR 31, huge) is carrying 5000 LBs of weight (medium load), and polymorphs into a medium human. A medium creature with the listed strength can only carry a maximum of 1840 LBs - so would this dragon in humanoid form suddenly be completely unable to move?


After I made this post, I recall once reading something that stated that if you were carrying a light load and polymorphed, you didn't have to worry about encumbrance in your new form. If the dragon listed above were carrying 2000 LBs instead (a light load in dragon form, but still too much to even move in humanoid form), would it not have to worry about the carried weight?

Nothing, I was just curious.

If there's some ability that states "increase your fly speed by 60 feet" or some odd other amount, but I don't have a fly speed and gain said ability, would I gain a fly speed of 60 or would I gain nothing?

Thanks for this, though i have to admit, I find it a bit unappealing that a character can just keep trying to burst through the bonds, and anyone with even just a moderate strength modifier can just escape them.

Another question, if the DC is greater than 20+ their CMB and thus can't can't escape (even with a nat 20), does that also mean they can't escape using escape artist as well?

While I know that spells that take a full round action to cast go off just before your next turn, what about fullround actions that do something else, like a creature with a specific fullround ranged attack or a breath attack that takes a fullround action to use, or a fullround action to activate something.

Basically, I would like to know if "occurs just before your next turn" is limited to just spell casting fullround actions.

When a character successfully ties up another with rope, it states that the DC to break out is 20 + their CMB. My question is will the bonuses from feats like improved grapple and items like gauntlets of the skilled maneuver increase this DC since it stems from grappling?

Whops wrong tags.

When a character successfully ties up another with rope, it states that the DC to break out is 20 + their CMB. My question is will the bonuses from feats like improved grapple and items like gauntlets of the skilled maneuver increase this DC since it stems from grappling?

Geruvurrda wrote:

That's just a skim, let me know if your looking for anything in particular

(Damage, control, buffs, debuffs etc.)

Honestly, I'm looking for another damage spell and then after that, anything.

I'd love to take grrater black tentacles, but my evil martial members would not be very happy...

My DM actually banned contingency, cause I could just keep a heal on myself or other stuff.

Greater heroism is looking pretty good...

Also, I just reread disintegrate, and there is a save with it, so I'll have to find a different offensive spell.

What control spells could work?

Geruvurrda wrote:

That's just a skim, let me know if your looking for anything in particular

(Damage, control, buffs, debuffs etc.)

Honestly, I'm looking for another damage spell and then after that, anything.

I'd love to take grrater black tentacles, but my evil martial members would not be very happy...

My DM actually banned contingency, cause I could just keep a heal on myself or other stuff.

Greater heroism is looking pretty good...

What control spells could work?

So I'm playing a homebrew Mystic Theruge (part of the homebrew is that my arcane and divine classes increase by two each) and have sixth spells now and will gain seventh level spells soon. My wisdom score is a 27, so my "offensive" spells are from the cleric spell list, but my charisma is only a 17- so my sorcerer spells aren't going to have high DCs.

My question is what are some of the sixth and seventh levels of the sorcerer spell list that don't use a DC, or perhaps focus more on the caster level? I know I'm going to take disintegrate, but what else are some good choices in this situation?

And advice would be well appreciated!

I recently got thinking about a character who used mainly/entirely natural attacks, and was wondering what the best class and race would be for this character.

I'd prefer only first party material, but if there's a really beneficial third party feat, please do include it.

If a character decides to make a full round action to attack and their base attack bonus is high enough to allow multiple attacks, and they make their first attack and it kills their opponent or they choose to stop attacking, can they take a move action to do something? This line of logic follows that they only take one attack that a standard action allows instead of the rest of their iterative attacks.

So I'm having a dragon NPC help out and eventually fight the party that I have. However, I want him to be good at disarm so he can try to disarm a character once/round.

More to the point, if I equip him with certain items while he is in human form (such as Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver, or maybe even a belt of mighty strength), will the "constant bonuses" still apply when he returns to his true form, or do the constant bonuses not work going from polymorphed to unpolymorphed?

Also, from human to/from dragon, would a headband merge with the form, and if so, could the NPC thus have two headbands?

If anyone cares, the dragon I'm using is here: -blue/young-blue-dragon/

Any insight would be helpful!

So, recently, I was hit with the urge to play a summoner (I'd be going with unchained, of course), and decided that I'd love to have a Kathasa as my eidolon. Now, I am completely unfamiliar with summoner in its entirety, so I was wondering how one might approach making one, and also how to achieve what I'm trying to make.

A few questions I have are:
1) Is it even possible to have a Kathasa as an eidolon? If not, is there a way to get something similar (IE four+ arms?)

2) Is there a way to gain more attacks using said arms to achieve the effect?

3) Are there perhaps some other, better solutions?

Any help would be well appreciated!

So I have an archer slayer with point blank master, which allows him to fire his bow without provoking attacks of opportunity, and there's a character that I have that hates him and that the party will be fighting at some point.

My main goal here is that I want him to be able to put pressure on this PC specifically to show how he's trained to fight him, but step up doesn't do anything if the PC doesn't need to five foot step.

Does anyone know of something that might be able to get around PBM, even if only once? If not, that's fine, I'll just have to figure something else out. If there's a solution other than through PBM, that would be fine as well.

The NPC in question here is a magus.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Worthx wrote:
Are you primarily looking for weapons, because if not I'm a huge fan of Snapleaf. They aren't particularly expensive either.

I'm looking for anything, really. The javelin was just the example I gave. Single or few use items are what I'm looking for here.

So I'll be running a short three-night campaign for some of my friends, and since it is going to be so short, I was thinking of giving them some single use magic weapons like javelins of Lightning and such to use instead, as they'd never spend 1500 gold on a 5d6 lightning bolt.

My real question here is what else is there in terms of items that are like this, items that are cool in concept but have a large cost and/ or arn't overly used?

The party will be level seven across the whole thing, in terms of their power and there isn't a full caster.

So I have a rod of extend (lesser), and I was wondering what other spells other than water breathing and the protection from X spells are worth while to use it on.

Also, I plan on getting the mid range extend rod later on, so if anyone has advice on level 4-6 spells that work well with this rod, it would be appreciated; I'm not as familiar with the cleric spell list.

Thanks for the advice so far, but I still want to know about a few spells I can through out on allies to give then an edge. The ones I know about are bless and blessing of fervor, the latter I don't have access to yet.

To answer the question about builds, the fighter is the "all in" for damage- weapon specialization, vicious, ect, it's how he plays, it's that simple for him. The rogue is mostly anti-caster, otherwise, he does a hide then attack process. I don't know what the swashbuckler is doing, and the PW is focusing around using his powers in combat.

Sacred summons is already on my list, those summons in a standard action will really come in handy.

In the case of battlefield control, beyond hold spells and summons, what's something good?

Party level is 4.

Party comp is a human Viking fighter, teifling swashbuckler, Elvin mageslayer rogue w/ a gun, an Android psychic warrior, and me, the Cleric. The fighter is the main DPS with the rogue following, then the swash and PW, then me.

While I know enough that higher level spells can really control the encounter, we aren't there yet, so my d6+1 damage won't hold up. Even with an AC of 20, I'm better off casting any spell.

Lastly, my STR is 10 and WIS is an 18, so melee combat is also less attractive.

The plan is that we'll be hitting at LEAST level 15, so a bit of a long game.

So I'm the partly cleric this time around, and I have to say, I'm loving it- the only issue being I don't know the Cleric Spell list like I do the wizard/sorcerer.

While I am aware a cleric has more powerful options, I'd like to know what the cleric buff spells are, and I mean ANY kind of buff- single target, personal, one/level, full radius, anything.

Also, if possible, mentioning the type of bonus would be appreciated, as I have an android physic warrior who didn't take the trait allowing him moral bonuses.

Thanks ahead of time!

pad300 wrote:

Assuming you are only not wearing armor due to lack of proficiency, sell the +1 shirt. Buy a either a set of masterwork parade armor (+3 AC, +5 max dex, 0 ACP, 175 gp) or Darkleaf Hide Armor (+4 AC, +6 Max dex, 0 ACP, 1515 gp).

If you are not stuck on Quarterstaff vs Starknife, I would consider switching - you could get a 0 ACP shield, (Darkwood Heavy Wooden Shield, 107 gp, +2 AC, 0 ACP). I doubt you're planning on being Melee heavy anyways... And by the by, if you are willing to switch, a morningstar is generally a better weapon than either.

Assuming you stick with the quarterstaff, ask your GM if you can get silver and cold iron end caps (one at each end) for the staff...

Definitely get a ranged weapon of some sort.

There is a lot of conventional equipment - bedrolls, food, cooking gear, backpacks, rope etc... to look into. Depending on your skills (ride, handle animal), a mount can be a good investment. Even w/o riding it, a mule might be really useful for the party, both carrying loot and/or gear. Just realize any animal that you purchase is an expendable pawn at this level - having a dire tiger pounce on a mule and kill it (better food value), is better than having said dire tiger pounce on the party rogue (or you)!

That's a lot of good advice- one issue.

If I wear armor, I lose my wisdom to AC, touch and flat footed. Shields included. Otherwise, thanks.

Taja the Barbarian wrote:

Scroll of Delay Poison seems like an odd choice: Without the ability to actually neutralize the poison, you're just delaying the effect for up to 3 hours (at which point you need to make your saves or suffer the effects).

The point is to delay the effects of the poison to a point when it isn't a problem if you fail, or to when you reach a point you can cure it. it's for when I might not have a neutralize poison ready and the rogue gets hit with a dex or con poison- or a similar situation.

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