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(Currently academic) Just thinking through some of the mechanics of this, it feels like its the first? place where we'd have the character reported as dead by the GM, and then the between sessions the player purchases the boon and it flips the character back to alive. Rather than being cleared/dealt with on the chronicle when the character dies, its resolved by the AcP boon you'd print out and bring with your stack of chronicles/boons.

Is this how other people expect it to work (barring any clarifying text when we get the PDFs if we get those before the system is live)? Or is it more of an honor system where the player indicates their plan to purchase the boon and you annotate that on the sheet and don't mark them dead when reporting?

If it is cleared between sessions, is there a time limit on how long (real world time) a character can be dead and still purchase the Second Chance boon? How would this interact with slow to report GMs/conventions? Can you even purchase the boon on a non-dead character as insurance (or because of a slow to report session).

Other nuances we need to make sure are cleared up/explained in the guide?

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Considering that the ACP system is supposed to be tied into the reporting system, I suspect that the GM reports the character dead, and when you purchase the boon, you select the slot to which you assign it, and the system removes the "marked dead" from that character slot.

In addition, or alternatively, the GM writes on the sheet that the character died, and when you buy the boon, you print it out to prove that the character was brought back. This may or may not interact with the reporting system as I speculated above.

Theorhetically, it could be that you need to purchase it "before" in case you do end up dying with a character, but I think that would be a pretty clumsy solution.

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From a programing stand point this could be difficult to impliment because now dates matter. What happens if a table where a character dies but is not reported?

This is a good question.

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