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Hey everyone, I am in the preliminary stages of working on a podcast focused on PF2, specifically for the more seasoned RPG audience, aka, no "how to play videos".

What are some of your favorite podcasts/ YT channels for Pathfidner 2? I want to know what else is out there I may not have seen.

What kind of content or discussions do you think are missing in that vein?

The stuff Me and my partner in crime want to talk about are product releases, Build guides, lore guides, and min maxy kind of stuff. I guess a couple, "rules you probably aren't following/ doing right" might be useful too.

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Basically the only Pathfinder 2e videos I'm watching are the Paizo Pathfinder Friday twitch streams.

There are a bunch of actual play podcasts and things like that, but I've got no real interest in those.

I'll list off the top of my head the content I'd be most interested in:

1. Errata, rules updates, important developer commentary I've missed

2. Items/Rules/Character choices I may have missed in adventure paths (which I don't use)

3. Unexpected rules interactions or combos that optimizers could work into a build

4. News about Paizo events, partnerships, business choices

5. News about Hero Lab, Pathbuilder, other software for aiding gameplay

6. 3rd party content for PF2

7. Sales, Humble Bundles

8. Fan-made events, resources, or discussions

There is a forum specifically to discuss streaming and podcasts. You can see some of what other people are doing there, particularly in the third-party (i.e., non-Paizo-produced) subforum.

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I watch GameGorgon, Basics4Gamers, and Knights of Everflame.

Know Direction, Trail blazers, and Gamegorgon.

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The Cracked Die Podcast is an actual play podcast for Age of Ashes.

Know Direction's precursor, Private Sanctuary, used to do deep dives on each individual class. That might fall under the "build guides" you'd mentioned, but I would love to have something like that for 2E.

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I am on the Dice Don't Die podcast. We release every week with an actual play and then a discussion episodes alternating. Our play is more geared toward new players so the idea of content geared toward older players sounds fun! It might be cool to take a concept then min max the hell out of it. The build a different version that might be more "thematic" then compare the math.

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