Recorporeal Incarnation


Recorporeal Incarnation

The makeover of all makeovers. Targets a humanoid corpse. gives the other subject:

"The living target gains the physical appearance and size of the corpse, and [u] gains its abilities as defined in alter self as well as any immunities, weapon proficiencies, weaknesses, and spell resistance the dead target had while living. [/u] The living target gains a +20 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks to impersonate the individual whose corpse is targeted by this spell. The disguise created by recorporeal incarnation lasts for a number of weeks equal to your caster level, or until the focus item is moved more than 30 feet away from the living target. When the effect ends, the living target returns to its normal form, sloughing off the corpse’s flesh."

Last a LONG time (weeks/lvl). What is the best humanoid corpse to use as a long-term buff ?

Also, does it work on corpses larger than medium or smaller than small (the alter self limits), due "gains ... size of the corpse"?

Polymorphamory, alter self is right at the start.

As the spell is cast, the dead body’s flesh unravels like ribbons to sheathe the living target, who must be within one size category of the corpse.

- I think this'd override the alter self limits in this case. There may be some relevant tiny or large humanoids depending on what size the caster is. Any idea which you'd be?

Yeah, polymorphamory does cover alter self. But i'm thinking more in terms of the Spell Resistance and Immunities... Which of course, alter self doesn't give you (and so aren't discussed there). For example, Duergar and Drow bodies would give you spell resistance (based of the dead person's level though, not your own presumably), and derro would give you poison immunity.

Where we are going is a giant stronghold, so large sizes aren't a problem. The caster is medium, and there is a small character in the party (note, this is not a caster only spell), so yeah, the upper and lower humanoid size limits are large and tiny... Although that raises a Q: if you go to large (bigger than what Alter Self allows), would you get the full size adjustment from going medium to large: +8 ST -2 Dex +4 Con +2 NA -1 AC/To Hit +1 CMB/D ?

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