Monstrous Physique Calikang number of slam attacks with two weapon fighting?

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I know this is kinda old but... So i've been looking at Ravindorks Crazy Character Emporium, and got confused by Kang Makhai. In the Calikang form, his sheet says he can two weapon fight with his quarterstaff and longspear and get 3 slams (is it 3 slams because hes using the quarterstaff one handed with quarterstaff master and wielding the longspear with 2 hands leaving 3 more arms for 3 slam attacks?), while if he just two weapon fights with his quarterstaff he gets 5 slams (shouldn't he get only 4 slams?). How is the number of slams determined based on which weapon combination is being used

If he simply full-attacks with the quarterstaff, that would provide one attack with the (one-handed) quarterstaff and 5 slams from the free hands. That would make sense. If two-weapon fighting with the quarterstaff, that would indeed only leave four hands free to slam.

Your interpretation of the quarterstaff+longspear thing looks correct. One weapon would be the primary and the other weapon would be off-hand.

The number of slams you get for a given configuration is simple--it's the number of free hands you have that aren't being used for another attack.

so it appears to be a typo?

+5 quarterstaff +27/+22/+17 (1d8+16) and+5 quarterstaff +27/+22/+17 (1d8+10) and5 slams +19 (1d6+5) with Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, or


Yeah I believe it is a typo too, the 5 would be with one handing just the quarterstaff. 4 with using a 2h or the quarterstaff as a double weapon. He may have also interpreted quarterstaff master as allowing a double weapon in 1h some how but the feat specifies it doesn't.

Seems like a typo. Have you PM'd RavingDork directly? Still active, just not in this forum.

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