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Imposing warpaint

question is simple : does it mean after first min you take 1 CON , and every minute after you take 1, or does it tick up to 2,3,4 etc for every min that passes?

War Paint wrote:
If you wear imposing war paint for more than 1 minute per day, you take 1 point of Constitution damage, plus 1 point of Constitution damage for every minute you wear the paint that day after the first.

If you wear it for 5 minutes, you take 5 con damage.

It is not cumulative.


Thanks for the answer!

So, assuming this is a poison effect (that may be another debate), a insinuator with this:

"Stubborn Health (Ex): At 3rd level, an insinuator takes only half damage from diseases and poisons, and none of his ability scores can be reduced below 1 by these effects. This ability replaces plague bringer."

Insinuator takes 1 CON damage, but halved and rounded down, every minute, so could wear the paint with no penalties?

The war paint is made with realgar, which is classified as a poison. [See Alchemical Reagents.]
The Insinuator's Stubborn Health will slow but not stop the poison. Wear the war paint for two rounds and take 1 con damage. Four rounds for 2 con damage. The damage is based on the total time you wear it, and the ability is not resisting but slowing the damage.


He meant minutes, not rounds



seems strange to me to translate half damage by every 2 rounds, but ok.

but a Gamboge Nodule (Cracked) Ioun Stone on realgar would do the trick: permanent +4 alchemical bonus on intimidate.

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