What feat should I get or where should I take this character?


We recently turned into vampires and just hit lv 7. I am was trying to build a character using the strangler archetype from the brawler with the race of Human Shoati, but it's too new and I couldn't get the stats for it. I tried winging, but I hit a brick wall since I can't take final embrace because I don't have a constrict special attack.

Str 29
Dex 22
Con --
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 14

Traits: Bred for War and serpentine squeeze
Feats: Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Turtle Style, Snapping Turtle Clutch, Power Attack, and Greater Grapple
Damage without power attack: +26/+21 1d4+13+2d6 and then a save to negate negative levels.
I am wearing a Mythril Chain Shirt so my ac is 28
My saves are 9, 13, 3
My magic items are Belt of Physical Might +2 Str +2 Dex and Gauntlet of the Skilled Manuever

Grand Lodge

Umm, you were just turned into Vampires. You're no longer the same PCs. That's a TPK. You're all dead. Time to create new characters.

Look into getting an Anaconda's Coils Belt.

It gives you the Constrict ability, doing 1D6+STR for damages.

Put armor spikes on your armor, it's free damage with every successful Grapple check.

Get the Rapid Grappler and Throat Slicer feats.

PS. I agree, getting turned into Vampires is TPK... But it's not my table, so have fun with it.

I thought it was a tpk since we all turned into vamps and two of our characters left.

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