Future playtesting of non-classiness?

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I understand the classes are the hardest thing to test in house, and thus we're stress testing them out in the public, and once that gets done, they go back in house, polished, and then go to the final document. My question is: Will we be testing anything else from the APG? I know new ancestries are coming, new items (and maybe a new CLASS of item? HMMMMMMM) and the like, will we be getting a glance at/help you guys refine those as well, or once the classes are finished the APG material is staying in house until Gencon with the full publication material?

No - classes only
They have fundamentally different mechanics that need testing and input

Ancestries, feats and items will all follow the pre established pattern. There will be very little a playtest could tell the designers on these

Is there indication of a new class of item in the APG. The only “class” of item that might warrant a playtest at some point in the future is technology

They’re not doing firearms in the APG.

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