Looking for ways to convert a poison


Hey folks, I'm the GM for a player and they are looking for ways to turn an injury poison into a contact poison. I know Alchemists can do it, but they are currently a Vishkanya Oracle and the party does not have an alchemist. Are there any magical items or alchemical tools that they can use?

It all depends on the context of the delivery. Spirit of Glass (Alchemy Manual - 35gp per dose to buy) is basically powdered glass that turns injury into contact, but it may or may not work with the context of how the player is conceiving the delivery.

Putting it inside a shoe, socks, shirt or gloves with the injury poison works, but trying to use it externally with a gloved handshake will probably not.

Poisoner's gloves or armor with the poisoning quality might suffice, but there's nothing which does exactly that as far as I know.

Spirit of glass is perfect! Thanks Mar!

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