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So, we are now over two years into the campaign.....what is the chances of getting some content of above level 12?

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That is almost a general Starfinder question - we are just now getting to the 9-12 content for scenarios... but there is no AP or Module or anything that goes above 12...

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Hopefully there is an AP in the works at least. Even then, it would take 2 APs to really level up a character as I doubt we'll be getting enough high level scenarios.

For now I have pretty much parked my 2 level 12s and my 10 will get very little action probably until the summer.

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Well, seeing as (I believe I've mathed it right) there is not a way to have a level 12 character without AP credit, I suspect the answer is "Not yet".

Once there is enough scenario xp to achieve level 12, it might be beginning to be thought about. I'm not holding my breath even then.

Though there are some who have 12s, they are a vast minority. If it were me, I wouldn't even be looking at making that content yet either. The only reason that the 2-00 special went up to 12 is because "might as well". It did't really require a new plotline or anything.

I suspect that the end of season 3 or even into season 4 might hold high level content. Until then, we'll probably be looking to the specials to play at 12.

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We know there's a Tier 9-12 scenario in the coming months, so that's something to look forwards to. I believe Thursty mentioned that it's also a "motivated" Tier 9-12, too - i.e. there's a very good reason that the mission requires very experienced Agents. I'm looking forwards to it!
(... although I need to do the calculations to see if I should save it for when my PC is already lvl 11 or not...)

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High-level content is something I firmly want to reach towards. However, as people here have mentioned, we're not even at the point where players can reach anything beyond level 12 without using Adventure Path content to supplement their journey. My main focus is on continuing to build-up the Organized Play campaign to work outside of that pool, as Adventure Paths supplement the Organized Play experience and are not assumed to be the core means of players gaining levels (though I'm not blind that many players prefer to use Adventure Paths to level!)

Tier 9-12 is the highest players can expect for the near future. As always, the progress of Starfinder Society is going to be like a pyramid, with each season building up our various Tiers and adding in new Tiers. In the future, I'm sure there will be more high-level content for players to chew on, just not ready to announce anything at this time!

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Thanks Thurston!

Society Scenarios will probably be the first 13+ content available from Paizo...

Starfinder math seems tighter than most d20 content at high levels, though damage scales up dramatically after level 12 or so. I suspect that it will take significant playtesting to determine if level 13+ is feasible in Society.

I for one, would like to volunteer to do that official playtesting if Thursty is GMing. :D

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If I were among the SF staff, I'd look at making a 3 book AP that spans 10-15 to get a gist of what those levels look like.

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"Dr." Cupi wrote:
If I were among the SF staff, I'd look at making a 3 book AP that spans 10-15 to get a gist of what those levels look like.

I would love a higher-tier 3-volume AP! 10-15, or better yet 12-16 to pick up where other APs have left off!

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While I understand the desire for a 12-16, so as to pick up where others have left off, I think it'd be more conducive to higher level play experimentation to start a little farther back, in the realm of the well supported and known.

The complication with higher level play and balance is the wider range of character power level. At level 1 everyone is pretty much at the same power level. They don't have a whole lot of opportunity for deviation from others. Every level you achieve, you get an option to go for power, utility, or rp fun. Sometimes some of those choices are conjoined, often not. At level 10 you've made a lot of choices and had two sets of ability boosts. So for a writer/dev coming up with a challenge for characters it gets harder. Will it be easy for those who made the power choices along the way? Or, will it be a challenge for the power choosers and next to impossible for those who make the other choices? In the end, somebody's going to be unhappy because of x, y, or z. My case and point is how the common difficulties scale.

15 + 1 1/2 CR
10 => 30
12 => 33
14 => 36
...and so on...

The higher it goes, the more it eventually leaves behind those who don't make all of the power choices. Plus, this is a sci-fi game so if computers are involved, it'd be a little weird.

Tier 5 computer => DC 33
Tier 6 computer => DC 37
Tier 7 computer => DC 40

Cupi, who has chosen all but the racial bonuses for computers, can achieve around a +33 on computers at level 12.

As a writer, do you up the difficulty or leave it at a DC 37 for an appropriate tiered computer?

A character who only has ranks as a bonus is at +12.

How do you balance it?

The same is true for combat and other aspects, just a lot more numbers.

The higher the level, the harder it is to establish an appropriate challenge. That is why I say 10-15. It delves further into levels of content not created but doesn't jump in the deep end.

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