Agile but not finesse, feasible?

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So I'm trying to decide if it's just "not ideal" or "terrible idea" to use an agile weapon that isn't finesse. It looks like Swashbucklers always keep Dex as their Key Ability score, so are you hamstringing yourself by using a weapon that isn't finesse? My dream of a half-orc swash carving guys up with knuckle daggers is riding on this. :)

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Gymnast Swashbucklers probably want to max out their strength anyways; you're likely looking at a bit more damage in exchange for a bit less accuracy, which isn't too bad since you're unlikely to attack more than twice a turn with this class. I think you could swing it.

Hmm, you're probably on to something. The Urgir Kid rides! :D


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That sounds awesome! I bet you can do a ton of damage. One of my playtesters so far built a gymnast who with fists alone was doing 2d4+4+3d6 at level 5 on a finisher and one-shotting enemies on a crit punch.

Starting with 16 str and 18 Dex, you'll do 10-15% less expected damage at levels 1-4,10-14,20

That seems like a big difference to me, but it's a d20 game so everything is super random anyway.

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