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18dex 16cha

Unbreakable goblin with the bouncy feat.

You now have the best tumble through modifier in the game. You get 10hp starting instead of 6. And if you don't love the other unbreakable goblin feats you can take chosen at 5 and go with another goblin heritage.

That's it. This base chassis is amazing for swashbuckler IMO because it gives you equivalent to 22 dexterity at level 1 in regards to the tumble through action Wich is your universal and most consistent way to get panache.

Braggart-this works well but a frilled lizardfolk can get +2 to intimidation in a 2 action ability. But until level 9 you will be relying on tumble far more. Most of the swashbuckler intimidation feats are a little lackluster as well. So every braggart I've made is a bit more tumble focused because of this. If you go braggart is see just picking up tumble behind and later maybe vexing tumble.

Fencer- with overextend feint this is a incredibly safe and useful style. One of the best tank styles as well. It's critical success effects are actually quite nice. This is the only one I'd consider not going unbreakable goblin as it's the only one that can get away with not relying on tumble.

Gymnast. This is the only one I do 18str and 16 Dex and wear light armor. The tumble through bonus is amazing for here and braggart because it let's you choose your styles skill as your first skill proficiency increase without falling behind on your crucial tumble rolls.

General thoughts can mostly be separated between the Cha styles and gymnast.

I really love derring Doo for gymnast letting you get advantage on your combat maneuvers that you have maximized and have at a +1 to due to panache. This seems the worst for braggart and good for a fencer that ignored his Tumble.

Combination blow is great for all 3 but especially crucial to gymnast due to maneuvers increasing map.

I feel the parry feats are a trap until there is a way to get around the interaction trait causing an attack of opportunity. Thankfully they are rare now though. If I wanted to focus on riposte. I'd go fencer with buckler or possibly braggart with buckler and antagonize. I'd only dual wield if I was focusing on maximum dpr.

Both Cha styles I'd heavily consider vivacious bravado. Letting you turtle up and become surprisingly tanky when needed.

Gymnast is the main one I'd take attack of opportunity with due to trip and grab maneuvers. If you raise Cha with gymnast vivacious bravado with something like grab can be nice!

If your focus is damage your feat choice's are straight forward and fairly linear. Like most things in 2e going for pure damage ends up being a bit of a trap without group support for you.

The two finishers aside from base finisher I like is bleeding. As it's your finisher die not your base precision damage. And targeting finisher as you get access to some debuffs that martials don't easily get. A mention for the dual wield one. As it's really the only reason to dual wield.

Lastly charmed life. Best defensive feat? Use with a halfling and the lucky feats. Focus on as many advantage rolls as you can. Seems great and might be what id run for a pure fencer.

All 3 styles seem to be good but braggart. Especially before level 9 seems the weakest. It's feats for intimidation mostly seem weak and something you can ignore. While this means you can just focus on tumble. It'd be nice to give braggart some better feats.

On phone sorry for any errors.

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