Invoker Instinct (Barbarian magic instinct)

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This instinct was worked upon on discord with help from Syries.

Invoker Instinct
"Whether you were born magically attuned or became that way through bizarre incident or just studied hard enough for pieces to just snap into place one day, you learned to hone that energy into a formidable fury."

Stop searching to discover secrets of the magical world; shun or oppress magic of any type except when trying to defend yourself
Broad, but sets goals.

Table: Invoker Instinct
[Tradition] --- [Damage Type]
Arcane ------- Mental
Occult ------- Mental
Divine ------- Force
Primal ------- Force

Invoker Rage (Instinct Ability)
While raging, you can increase the additional damage from rage from 2 to 3 and change it damage type to match that of one given by your tradition above for weapon and unarmed attacks.
You gain trait of your tradition and become trained in that tradition's spell attack and DCs, and your spell attack and DC modifier is your Charisma, you also gain 1 cantrip of your tradition which gains rage trait and bonus damage from your Instinct Ability.

Specialization Ability:
When using invoker rage, increase the damage from Rage from 3 to 7. If you have greater weapon specialization, instead increase the damage when using invoker rage to 13.

Raging Resistance:
You resist damage from spells originating in your chosen tradition, as well as mental damage if your tradition is Arcane or Occult,
or Force damage if your tradition is Primal or Divine, regardless of the source.


Feat 2: Invoker Tricks
Prerequisites: Invoker instinct
Your experience in drawing upon the energy of your tradition has widened. All cantrips from your tradition now gain the Rage trait, including any innate cantrips that share that spellcasting tradition. All spells from your tradition that deal damage and have the Rage trait also deals the bonus damage from your Instinct Ability. You gain a spell repertoire with two common cantrips of your tradition and can use the Cast a Spell activity.

Feat 4: Invoker Magic
Prerequisites: Invoker Tricks
Your learned to expand upon your instincts, granting you more magic. All spells of your tradition that are cast from spell slots now gain Rage trait. You gain one 1st level spell slot and add one 1st level common spell to your repertoire. At 6th and 8th levels respectively, you gain one 2nd and one 3rd level spell slots, as well as one spell of 2nd and one spell of 3rd level added to your repertoire. These spells must be common spells chosen from your Instinct's tradition. You cast these spells as a spontaneous caster. You may heighten spells added in your repertoire in this manner just as if they were signature spells. Spells granted by dedication only apply rage trait when raging.

Feat 12: Invoker Call
Prerequisites: Invoker Magic
You gain access to more powerful magic through your experience. Any focus spells you have in your Instinct's tradition now gain the Rage trait, and if they deal damage, benefit from the Instinct Ability's bonus damage. You gain a 4th level spell slot and 4th level spell in the same manner as Invoker Magic. At 14th level you gain one 5th level spell slot and 5th level spell, and at 16th level you gain one 6th level spell slot and 6th level spell. Your tradition spell attack and DC increase to expert. Focus Spells granted by dedication only apply rage trait when raging.

Feat 18: Invoker Might
Prerequisites: Invoker Call
You harnessed the full might of your tradition. You gain one 7th level spell slot and 7th level spell and at 20th level you gain one 8th level spell slot and 8th level spell, in the same manner as Invoker Magic. Your tradition's spell attack and DC's increase to master.

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This is very cool! I love the theme of it!

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