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Latest subscription order has shown up at full price.

It still has the text:
"Legacy Paizo Advantage - Adventure Path Pathfinder Adventure Path subscribers who were subscribed at the end of the First Edition Adventure Path line get 30% off Second Edition Adventure Path products."

Last month's order had the discount, this month it's gone? I've also noticed the 15% discount on the store is gone too...

Is this a bug or a change? I thought the previous blog said that 15% was going to stick around if you were in before the cutover date?

Just looking to understand as if all the discounts are intentionally gone somehow I'd like to cancel my subscription.

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Nevermind the 15% part - it's just display on the catalog & that seems to sort itself out once they're in the cart.

The issue with my subscription order #8184593 not getting the 30% Legacy Paizo Advantage discount is still real though (Charging the full 24.99 rather than 17.49 previous subscription orders).

It'd be really good to get that sorted before it's automatically charged.

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And now the order has been automatically charged to my account the undiscounted price + tax & currency conversion fees on the inflated price.

This isn't the price I agreed to...

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Hello? You're automatically billing me a price I didn't agree to and not responding. Raised a week ago now...

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Tim Schneider 908 wrote:
Hello? You're automatically billing me a price I didn't agree to and not responding. Raised a week ago now...

Just by way of warning (since this is now at the top of the CS forum and I won't be doing damage).

Customer Service answer questions from the bottom up - so every time you (or someone else like me) posts to your thread you get pushed to the end of the queue and bumping your thread actually leads to more likely delays.

At the moment, they are still digging themselves out from under a mountain of CS emails and messageboard posts, plus they've run into an unexpected issue with the current PFBattles subscription run (no doubt drawing away some CS resources). I expect that's the reason your issue hasn't been addressed (as I understand it, nothing has changed in the legacy arrangements).

I'm sure they'll look after you when they get to this thread, but if you want to press them for a swift resolution a phonecall (between 10am-5pm Seattle time) is usually the best course of action. In the interim, I've flagged this post (you might do that too) that's another way to attract CS attention, albeit a little less reliable.

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Hello Tim,

Thank you so much for your patience as we have had a large influx of messages. Due to a technical error, the Legacy Paizo Advantage was not applying on certain orders. I have gone ahead and refunded you the difference owed and I apologize for the confusion and frustration this has caused. Thanks again for your patience and please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

*I have also sent this message in response to your email.

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