(PFS 2e) Easily Printable Organized Play Guide?

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Is there a version of the organized play guide where everything is in one easily printable document? This would be extremely helpful as I can read paper easier then a screen. Furthermore, I may need to access the guide when, for one reason or another, I can not just hop onto the internet. I am sorry if I am bringing up something that has been brought up a lot before, but I only started looking into the organized play for second edition.

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They are working on a PDF version. There's also a volunteer made PDF, that I can't find the link for right now. There's no promises that the volunteer one will be kept up to date, but should be current at present.


Ugh, well thank you.

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Here's the link to the PDF on pfsprep, non-official, but should be correct until the next update.


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This is like the 5th post asking this same question.

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I work hard to maintain the PDF -- I have automation in place to notify me and create the PDF any time they update the website. Once I notice the notification, I do a quick sanity/formatting check of the PDF then upload it to pfsprep. So far, I've had updates out within about 4 hours from published changes.

As the PF2 guild guide is a living document, I think that there's some understanding that there will be some instances where the guide is updated while tables are being played or are close to starting where no one at the table will check the guide for updates, so using the latest version should be done ASAP, but won't always happen.

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