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While I know that spells that take a full round action to cast go off just before your next turn, what about fullround actions that do something else, like a creature with a specific fullround ranged attack or a breath attack that takes a fullround action to use, or a fullround action to activate something.

Basically, I would like to know if "occurs just before your next turn" is limited to just spell casting fullround actions.

Spells that take a full round action to go off do so immediately after the full round action. What you're thinking of is spells that require "1 Round" (such a Summon Monster). Full-Round Actions all occur on your turn, before enemies act (unless readied actions or AoOs, etc.)

Edit: I think you read this section in Combat: "A spell that takes one round to cast is a full-round action." and are attributing that to any spell you cast as a full-round action. So what this is saying is "all one-round spells require a full-round action to cast," what it's *not* saying is "all full-round action spells cast are 'one round' spells."

This is from the "Casting a Metamagic Spell" section:

"Note that this isn’t the same as a spell with a 1-round casting time. Spells that take a full-round action to cast take effect in the same round that you begin casting."

Just to reiterate what I was saying

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Full Round Action: Takes both your Standard and Move actions for the round but is otherwise a normal 'action' (i.e., it is complete at the end of your round and before the next player or NPC gets to go.

1 Round Action: Takes both your Standard and Move actions for the round, but these are spread out over the entire 6 second round, completing just before your initiative comes up for the next round.

All 1 Round Actions are Full Round Actions, but Full Round Actions are not 1 Round Actions unless specifically stated as such.

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