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Okay, first build in 2e, wanted to check if I have this right: say I'm a rogue and want the sorcerer multiclass. Starting character, level 1, Cha 14 so I meet the prereqs. I can take Sorcerer Dedication in place of my 1st level rogue class feat, and get immediate access to the 2 sorcerer cantrips via the Dedication feat, right?

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I’m afraid not. All the mutliclass feats are level 2 feats, so you have to wait till your second level to get them.

Unfortunately not, but there are ways to get cantrips at 1st level if you want to start as a magical character, for example feats for elves and humans or a skill feat for arcane (this is Detect Magic only). You can retrain later on, or keep them, as seems fitting to your concept.

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Okay, I should have read a little closer. Ah well, I was already thinking of doing it as a half-elf with a cantrip, so this isn't an insurmountable hurdle. Thanks for the quick replies.

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According to this blog the Lost Omens Character Guide will include an Elf Heritage that gives you one multiclass dedication at 1st level.

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Gisher wrote:
According to this blog the Lost Omens Character Guide will include an Elf Heritage that gives you one multiclass dedication at 1st level.

That’s so cool.

But way over powered.

But that’s so cool!

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Very nice, since my character of choice was a half-elf, that's very useful.

I don't think that's overpowered, but I am curious how they did it. I went to the trouble of stripping out 3 feats-worth of stuff from each class, then allowing the player to take a single-class dedication or a multi-class dedication at 1st Level (though the multi-class dedication only gives you 2 feats-worth of stuff). You don't always get back everything the exact same way depending upon what I think is important (e.g., Alchemists lost 1 feat in favor of Efficient Packer). For example (the Alchemist):

Baseline: Trained with Alchemical Bombs, Club, Crossbow, Dagger, and Heavy Crossbow. Untrained with Light Armor and Unarmed. No Research Field. Efficient Packer (ignore up to 2 bulk of alchemical items, including alchemist kit).

Single-Class Dedication: Trained with Simple Weapons. Research Field. If Bomber, you are also Trained with Light Armor. If Chirurgeon, you are also Trained with Medicine. If Mutagenist, you are also Trained with Unarmed.

Multi-Class Dedication [PREREQ: INT 14, Trained in Crafting]: Infused Reagents, Alchemical Crafter (or Dedication 2 if you already have Alchemical Crafter).

Then I added several Multi-Class Dedication 2 feats to let you buff the multiclass up to something a little more presentable. For example (the Alchemist):

Dedication 2: Efficient Packer.
Dedication 2: Quick Alchemy.
Dedication 2: Research Field.

I love how these changes allow you to play with the various classes to really get the right feel, but are fair. For example, the alphabetically next class is Barbarian:

Multi-Class Dedication [PREREQ: CON 14, Trained in Athletics]: Rage. Trained in Unarmed (or Dedication 2 if you are already trained in unarmed).

The CRB had you with MORE skills (because you get trained in Athletics or get a new skill). You get Rage, of course. However, you either get Anathema or no Anathema depending upon whether you choose Fury (no Anathema) or some other Instinct (Anathema). It's not put together well. With my alternative, you at least can fight unarmed (which is important because the baseline alchemist, cloistered cleric, sorcerer, and wizard all lost unarmed training in my game). No more feats, but more flavorful and just enough to give you what you need. For example, a Fighter who MC as Barbarian would get the same stuff as an Alchemist, but because the Fighter is trained in unarmed, he'd get a Dedication 2 straight off. Two of the Barbarian's dedications are weapon feats, but the third lets the Fighter start off better than any class that couldn't even fight unarmed: Dedication 2: Instinct (Anathema and Instinct Ability only or Barbarian Feat if you choose Fury).

The CRB had the bard MC getting 3 "things" including 2 cantrips, occultism, and performance. That's fine because the bard is one of the skill monkeys, but I want every MC to give 2 things. So:

Multi-Class Dedication [PREREQ: CHA 14, Trained in Occultism]: 2 Occult Cantrips and Inspire Courage. Trained in Performance. If you are already trained in Performance, you must take one of the following unless you already have them all (in which case you can take a Dedication 2): Light Armor Training, Simple Weapon Training, Unarmed Training.

I give the thing that makes you a bard (Inspire Courage) in the MC and a skill (because you're a skill monkey). All spontaneous casters should get 2 occult cantrips AND a little something else because everybody gets cantrips, they are static, and they aren't that good (they are flavorful backup for the most part). If you want to be a little more "martial" the option is there to spend skill points to get Performance instead, then pick up some modest martial training.

Or you could go straight for the fighter to make the alchemist as combat-forward as possible. Again, comparing to RAW, you pick up all simple and martial weapons and get either acrobatics or athletics, which makes the class an unfair bonanza for the Alchemist and a waste of time for the Ranger, who basically just gets a skill point. Mine is more fair, but still gives you what it should (Fighter is not a skill monkey, so the skill training should be a prerequisite):

Multi-Class Dedication [PREREQ: STR 14 and Trained in Athletics or DEX 14 and Trained in Acrobatics]: Armor Proficiency (Light Armor  Shield Block*  Medium Armor  Heavy), Weapon Proficiency (Unarmed  Simple  One Martial Weapon Group  All Martial Weapons). If you are already proficient with heavy armor, you can take weapon proficiency twice. If you are already proficient with all martial weapons, you can take armor proficiency twice.

* You can take Medium Armor instead of Shield Block if you have neither.

It looks like the arrows became "", but I think it's readable. Anyway, the Alchemist, who I've stripped down, can be built up for fighting with a Fighter dedication. The Bomber can use Medium Armor or a Shield and is proficient with Unarmed. The Chirurgeon, who I basically turned into a doctor, can have Light Armor and Unarmed. The Mutagenist can get Light Armor and Simple Weapons. It's not going overboard, but it is making them more like what they should be with the multi-class.

Dedications let them pick up additional combat abilities at 2nd level, too, but paced out more fairly (and may require some general feats to meet prerequisites if your chassis is a non-combatant like a Wizard):
Dedication 2 [PREREQ: Medium Armor Proficiency] Trained with Heavy Armor.
Dedication 2 [PREREQ: Trained with all Simple Weapons] Weapon Group Familiarity: Trained with one martial weapon group.
Dedication 2 [PREREQ: Weapon Group Familiarity] Trained with all martial weapons.

I also removed martial weapon proficiencies and heavy armor proficiency from general feats, so you pretty much have to MC to get the best.

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