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I don't quite understand how the wild shape order spell of the druid works. It states that any form other than the ones listed under pest form last 1 minute, and then it states that you get access to the forms granted by animal form when the spell is heightened to 2nd level.

Which other forms are available for a 1st level druid?

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Only the forms of pest form are available for druids of lvl 1 and 2. When you reach 3rd level, your wild shape focus spell is level 2, and you can also choose from the forms granted by animal form.

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And then further add new forms via feats

OK! Got it! Thanks!

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Super easy......

You get a Wild Order ability that gives you the Wild Shape Feat. The Wild Shape Feat gives you the Wild Shape Focus Spell. The Wild Shape Focus Spell says you get the Spell Pest Form.


yeah that is all a little confusing. Our druid player at the table scratched his head about that for a long time.

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