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Hey team,

I had a look around but I can't find the 2nd edition organized play guide for making Pathfinder 2 society characters. It's the document published yet?

I'm quite keen to get stuck in as you can imagine.


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Someone posted an online link to: www.organizedplayfoundation.org/encyclopedia/pfs2guide/

This is all that is available at this time that I know of

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There was also a guy who posted earlier a combined guide in PDF form on the PFS Prep site:

Not their official release, and I imagine given wiki form he'll be in for a challenge keeping it accurate as it updates... but handy to have consolidated as a PDF if you play somewhere offline.

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It is written on PFSPREP that there will be no more PDF version of Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide for 2E.

Is that true?


I have seen nothing official saying that.

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