Is there any point to ability scores?

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The only thing I can think of is "Boosting an ability score increases it by 1 if it’s already 18 or above, or by 2 if it starts out below 18" for your 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels. This only has an impact at level 10 since at level five you are either boosting 17 or 18 to 19 at the most.

Everything else seems to be all modifier all the time.

Am I missing something that makes the 3-18 legacy have any value by the core rules?

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It allows you to roll your stats on 3d6 (or some variant). But other than that, not much reason for them that I can see.

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As mentioned Rolling is an option as well as being a convienient way to track the step between 18 and 20 for growth. More importantly with over 30 years of gaming assigning mental values to an "18" over a "+4" It could easily do more harm to be ride of then any kind of clean up it provides. There also are some psycological differences in describing your strength as an 8 (which modifies rolls by -1) and describing it as being -1 (causes a perception of having a negitive strength in general).

I've seen systems that got rid of it and just used the bonuses M&M for one. Like they said it above its mostly so you can still roll if you want and tradition.

I always thought having a difference in 1st edition D&D from anything below like a 14 was pointless. Since nothing changed character wise.

Might have some utility for releasing special items that interact with odd ability scores. Like an exceptionally heavy suit of armor that takes 19 strength to shake off penalties.

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It's basically purely for legacy reasons plus making raising stats past 18 work differently. That's why monsters don't have them, since they don't raise stats the same way.

1) Legacy reasons
2) Slowing stat growth for high stats
3) Making "rolling for stats" require no conversion.

1/2 speed stat progression past 18 is the only reason inherent to the system.
which is quite a valid reason just on it's own, preventing increase of disparity at high levels,
and ensuring more well rounded high level fantasy heroes across range of stats not just primary focus.

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