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Hello everyone.

While creating a Garundi character I discovered that such culture uses clan names instead of family names. I've searched a bit on the web and on the books, but I can't find any example of these clan names. What does a Garundi clan name sound like? Is it something like dwarven clan names, like Battlehammer or Goldshield? Or do they sound more exotic?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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A couple of the example Garundi names are Ethiopian in origin, so you might want to consider using Ethiopian surnames, given names, or location names.

This site might inspire some ideas.

David knott 242 wrote:

This site might inspire some ideas.

I almost always use Dungeonetics to choose my character's names, but in this case is not very helpful, since it has no options for Garundi clan names.

From PathfinderWiki:

"Because all Garundi clans are associated with a specific geographical area, an individual's name almost always incorporates a local landmark. The higher in rank a person is, the larger and more well-known their geographical name tends to be. High-ranking Garundi carry the names of large territories or geographical features such as rivers, mountains, or regions. Mid-range names refer to well-known local landmarks such as waterfalls, neighborhoods, or important local buildings. Low-ranking Garundi carry the name of a local street, statue, or even tree, generally near to where they were born"

So it could be Omari Potter's Lane or Omari Sunset Falls or just about anything.

Of course you could use a translation program to change the clan to Amharic (or whatever you wanted) to make it more exotic. 'Clan Potter's Lane' comes up as yeḫwalī yeshekila šerī lēni። which looks pretty cool but I wouldn't be sure how to pronounce it, of course we are just going for a vague verisimilitude here.

Egyptian/Coptic and Berber/Amazigh would also be appropriate sources of inspiration.
But since you aren't speaking in Garundi, any more than game world characters are speaking in English,
using English translation of meaning is also reasonable, as Justus suggested above.

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