I keep getting sent to the home page whenever I want to see a message board.

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Ever since Sunday, almost every time I click on a Starfinder message board, I keep getting directed to the home page. Only say, one out of ten clicks get me onto the particular board I'm looking for.

Shadow Lodge

This has been happening to me too. Once I'm on a particular message board viewing any of the threads works everytime. If I didn't open the thread in a new tab/window I'm back to the 1 in 10 chance of actually getting back to the message board.

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I think the problem has actually been getting worse over the weekend, and it may not even be consistent for all users. For example, others have mentioned being unable to access their shopping carts, but I can still do that. Some people have reported problems since Friday evening, but I first noticed the problems last night (Sunday). I have noticed that some of the few forums I could access last night are no longer accessible.

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I cannot get to website feedback to see if that is here either, but most everything I click on just takes me back to the home page instead of a forum.

Was trying to see if there was updated information for dealing with GenCon next week and cannot even get the forum to load to see if there is.

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It is a random problem. You can enter a forum one minute but not the next, then you can get in there again. There is no pattern.


Paizo is working on it it seems.

Paizo Employee Official Tech Team Response

We had an error in our code that caused the redirecting issue on our website over the last few days. This error occurred as we were making improvements to our site’s speed and functionality. At this time, this issue is considered resolved. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this inconvenience.

For any further discussions on this topic, please refer to this thread.

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