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I don't think I saw this in the CoCT rules. But I have a question about the Harrow blessing cards.

At the beginning of the first adventure, you perform a harrowing with the Dex based Harrow cards. What do you do with the leftover cards? I put them with the other blessings in the box. So they can be encountered or pop up as the hour.
But it's not clear they should go in there.

The other suits (STR, INT, etc) all have Harrow cards too. I didn't put them in the blessings in the box. Mainly because when I hit the next chapter, I need to do a new harrowing with a new suit. It' be a pain to pull them from the other blessings (or worse - from someone's deck who'd acquired one) to perform the harrowing.

Is there something I missed providing guidance on this?


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You might want to check out this discussion.

Harrow should go in the blessing deck, like other blessings.

To perform your harrowing, the easiest way I found is really just to split the blessing deck, and everyone just goes through it, taking the first harrow of the right suit they find as their harrowing. You don't need to locate them all, just one per player.

We've even had a player perform the harrowing for everyone (while others were cleaning up) by doing harrowing for players in order around the table, just distributing cards as he found them. Takes a few minutes every few hours of play.

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Brother Tyler wrote:
You might want to check out this discussion.

Thanks. That discussion led me to the FAQ and the FAQ addresses it. I missed that add when it came out.

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