Kitsune Oozemorph doesn't work anymore?

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When the oozemorph first came out a lot of people were saying that being a kitsune and using kitsune shape change was a good way to get a permanent humanoid form and avoid being forced into ooze form. Since then I have seen it said that this combo doesnt work on account of this FAQ:

FAQ wrote:

Oozemorph Shifter: How does the oozemorph’s fluidic body work? Can the oozemorph actually move at all in ooze form? Why does a supernatural ability still have an effect in an antimagic field?

Fluidic Body is essentially two effects in one. The first, which is a permanent part of your character once you become an oozemorph, is that your base form is now an ooze shape. Even if you lose fluidic body for some reason (antimagic field, violating your code of conduct, etc) your base form is still the amorphous oozelike form. The other half of the ability is a supernatural polymorph effect to transform into humanoid (and later bestial) forms.
Despite having an oozelike shape, an oozemorph’s base form is not an ooze, though it does also count as an ooze for the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type. The oozelike form doesn’t gain any abilities of the ooze creature type except as stated by the archetype itself. This form retains the base senses and land speed of the oozemorph’s original race, as well as racial abilities like dwarfs’ greed or gnomes’ obsession that don’t depend on shape, but it loses abilities dependent on form, including form-based speeds like strix’s flight (and most other racial speeds beyond land speed), racial natural attacks like catfolks’ claws, and other abilities like tieflings’ prehensile tail. However, if the oozemorph possesses a racial ability denied her in her oozelike form and transforms into a member of her own race with fluidic body, she gains the full benefits of that racial ability for that duration, even if it isn’t usually granted when using alter self (or the appropriate spell for a non-humanoid oozemorph). An oozemorph's compression, damage reduction, and morphic weaponry function in its oozelike form and any form it takes via fluidic body, though not in forms it takes via other polymorph effects.

But that doesnt seem to me like it would forbid me from using shape change while in ooze form. Is ther another FAQ I am missing, or am I misreading this one?

here is the kitsune ability for reference:

kitsune wrote:
Change Shape: A kitsune can assume the appearance of a specific single human form of the same sex. The kitsune always takes this specific form when she uses this ability. A kitsune in human form cannot use her bite attack, but gains a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to appear human. Changing shape is a standard action. This ability otherwise functions as alter self, except that the kitsune does not adjust her ability scores and can remain in this form indefinitely.

Hmm sounds like you lose your kitsune form for sure. But I'm not sure whether Change Shape is an ability based on form.

If Change Shape were an ability based on form, then you would lose it the first time you changed into human form, preventing you from ever changing back unaided. Obviously this is absurd, so I can't imagine that you lose the kitsune's Change Shape after becoming an oozemorph either.

It's the last line that kills it.

An oozemorph's compression, damage reduction, and morphic weaponry function in its oozelike form and any form it takes via fluidic body, though not in forms it takes via other polymorph effects.

This means that you lose all the benefits of the archetype for using kitsune change shape. Prior to this FAQ you retained them, which made it great for kitsune oozemorphs.

Oh, that makes sense. So you can do it, but you don't keep any of the benefits of oozemorph. RIP.

I'd say it's still an improvement since it means you can talk and use items for more than a few hours a day for the first few levels.

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It does bypass most of the worse restrictions of the archetype (being able to speak, wear items, etc) But as mentioned, you lose any of the benefits of the archetype while in that human form.

My suggestion is to use one of the many homebrew fixes to the archetype people have made, start at a higher level, or just skip it altogether as the archetype is still pretty subpar even once you get to higher levels where you can stay shapeshifted most of the day.

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So we are saying that Change shape isn’t an ability based on form? If that’s the case, an oozemorph Skinwalker could be very weird indeed.

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Kitsune are based off Japanese folklore, which are magical shape shifters. That says to me it is not a biological shape shifting ability, but a magical one...which would not be tied to their shape/physiology.

Your GM may rule otherwise, as it is basically a way to 'cheat' around the rules, and the Pathfinder rules do not clearly state if it is magic or biology. If it is magic, I could also see a GM ruling they cannot activate it, since the ooze form cannot cast spells or activate magic items.

Skinwalkers inherit their shape shifting ability from parents/grandparents/etc. who had Lycanthropy, which is a disease, which is tied to biology...I personally would rule that is tied to their base form, which they give up with the archetype.

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