Xin-Shalast and taking refuge with the skulks

Rise of the Runelords

My player has finally reached Xin-Shalast and she has taken refuge with the skulks (after defeating the hiddent beast). At the same time, Karzoug and his minions have become aware that my player reached his city. So, I am trying to figure out what step they would take next to take her down.

I was thinking of having assassins sent down the tunnels to find her and dispose of her. However, pretty much all of the foes that can be found in Xin-Shalast are either large or larger, making it pretty impractical to do so. I was wondering if anyone had ideas as to what Karzoug might do in this case!

As a note, posting sentries on the exits from the skulk domain is unlikely to succeed since my player has access to control weather and has been using it to hide her movement across the city.

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You are running a solo campaign? O_o

Anyhoo, they could just dig them or try to collapse them on purpose. Or maybe get The Tangle involved somehow(do note, there dangerous creatures in tunnels too)

haha, yes. Soloish. I GM my wife while we take long car trips (happens way too often, but makes them bearable). I do have a GM pc to help her out. Her charcter and the GM PC are both 2 levels higher than the suggested advancement, to make it realistic for her to finish the campaign.

What would you suggest to put in the tunnels that might ally with Karzoug? I mean, the vampire skulks are just way too weak to pose a problem.

Collapsing is definitely a good idea... though, I am guessing Karzoug would never rely on that as a method to kill.... too much chance they escape. He could threaten to collapse it so the skulks push their savior out... but that sounds unlikely (especially with the diplomacy of the GM PC).

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How heroic is the pc? I mean eventually they might want to leave the skulks to make sure they aren't harmed by proxy.

Hmm, I don't remember everything that is in Xin-Shalast, but I think random encounter table, encouters and Lost Cities of Golarion had some apporiate stuff. And if everything else fails, have Karzog or Kaleb planar bind lot of outsiders after them. (constructs are also valid choice)

Heroic, but not proactive enough to think that the skulks might get harmed. So, I am guessing a few incidents will be needed for her to finally decide to move out.

I'll check the Lost Cities of Golarion (the anniversary edition encounter tables are still limited to Large and Larger... there are lamias that could take human form... but they'll just get killed too.... although, as I am writing this, they might make for really good infiltrators... hummm... yeah. That paired with the bound outsiders is probably what I will end up using.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Has Karzoug been scrying on your PC? If he's certain the incoming nuisance is going to secure a Sihedron Ring, that narrows down the list of options. So I'd say he could be content to wait, send Khalib or someone to inform Sihedron Ring-wearers that someone's coming to kill them, and take this opportunity to determine which skulks are of sufficient loyalty, and which ones are treacherous turncoats who've betrayed their Claimer, and Greed itself.
Edit: later, in the Pinnacle of Avarice, one of the Karzoug holograms could thank your PC for showing him which skulks were worthless, and which weren't.

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