Upgrading weapon fusion seals - houserule or not?

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OK. Rules as I understand them:

Weapon fusions applied directly to a weapon can be migrated to a higher tier weapon. The cost of doing this is a bit wonky, but that isn't the point of this question.

A weapon fusion seal is an item with a weapon fusion on it. The item can then be attached to a weapon. The tier of the seal item determines the price of the weapon fusion as well as the max tier of the weapon that it can be applied to. The cost for the complete fusion seal is 110% of the cost for just the weapon fusion.


So, if I have a lower tier weapon fusion seal, can I craft a new fusion seal item and transfer the weapon fusion to it at the reduced cost for transferring weapon fusions? The cost of the fusion seal item would be the 10% of the cost of the weapon fusion for that tier (which is consistent for the 110% cost for both the fusion seal item and the weapon fusion together).

So: houserule or RAW?

The fusion seal can't be upgraded by raw. But as a houserule i don't see anything game breaking about it.

Fusion seals make very little sense for adventurers or as loot. They are slower to transfer, won't transfer the way most adventurers will (from a lower level weapon to a higher level one)

Probably should be in the homebrew forum.

As for the matter at hand, I share the opinion with others that the whole weapon fusion system seems to be a bit wonky. I'm usually hesitant to mess with the RAW, but for fusions, I'd be a lot more inclined.

It's not RAW though.

Honestly, I wish they would just fix the prices, and make the weapon fusion work more like Armor upgrades. Most of the weapon fusion effects are more of a utility variety in the first place. Few of them are direct damage boosts.

As others mention, the whole rules around weapon fusions make them pretty complicated. I think making it one flat price to purchase the fusion with installation fee (or free if the player has the skill) with minimum item level potentially being reevaluated is a better way to go. And you still end up being limited by having a number of fusions levels equal to the items level.

Honestly, the rules are pretty weird. Like you should always hang on to a weapon of the lowest level that is required to put a fusion onto, because buying the fusion for that lower item level weapon and then transferring it onto your main weapon is substantially cheaper than purchasing for your main weapon. Usually even if it means that you have to outright buy the lower level weapon to do the trick.

I really wish fusions and fusion seals were wrapped up together in one.

You can have a combined fusion level = item level in any one weapon, and you should be able to swap them between weapons once a day at no cost.

That way you can have a collection of useful fusions you grab at the start of an adventuring day, or you can just have your favorites installed in whatever weapon you've picked up and are using - ignoring and selling the rest.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

So, Fusion Seals are a one time cost, at the highest level weapon it could go on, plus 10 percent, right?

Transfering them is "affixing" them to different weapons, as long at the weapon doesn't exeed the level of the fusion seal. (so and so Fusion Seal (5)) could not go on a level six weapon, for example.

errata has the fusion seal active after 10 minutes of being affixed to the weapon.

so buying the fusion seal is separate from actually having it on the weapon. One could switch the fusion seal between weapons without any extra cost, am I right?

Or am I paying 792 creds for a level 5 fusion seal then another 720 creds to attach it to the level 5 weapon?

No cost to attach or switch.

Yeah, I am in the "Just make all fusions seals, and make them more readily transferable" column. Being able to save money by having a fusion that is "only" on one weapon just isn't worth it. Better to treat them as "upgrades" that can be slotted into any weapon as desired.

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